Firestaff and Fire Gauntlet - Discussion


i wanted to provide feedback on the FS discussion, that came up recently after the dev video.

My play style is melee (PvE only), i do not play ranged or mages in games, however New World got me interested in testing out the FS especially due to the flamethrower ability, close range dd.

While i do not provide the discussion with expert knowledge, i wanted to point out or discuss a possible re design of the whole fire magic we currently have.

How do you feel about the following suggestion?


  • Firestaff will get re designed into a mid-cose ranged magic dd/support
  • Skills: flamethrower, fire breath, runes, explosions, shields (i.e.)
  • Theme: mid to close range, can play pure dd or dd/support or heavy support
  • Management: mana regen, cds, positioning (likes melee) and endurance with support skills

Fire Gauntlet (new)

  • New weapon, true magic caster range, dd/counter
  • Skills: fireball, meteor, flamewall, firefist, ash(dust) (i.e.)
  • Theme: ranged mage, can play pure dd or crowd control support
  • Management: mana regen, ranged combat avoiding melee, better dd compared to FS

This is of course a simple mash up of ideas. The core intention is to split FS into 2 different play styles (weapons) and help specialize those roles through a re design to FEEL good and provide either a true magic caster feeling or -what i was surprised to find- a true mid close melee caster with rather rare spells.

AGS, (mods) please note that FS with flamethrower incentivised me to try it out. This close range ability feels awesome in PvE. Any balance changes that render flamethrower rather useless (PvE), would turn me personally off the weapon completely.

Open for discussion, especially interested in what long term FS players have to say about it.
Thank you for reading.

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