Firestaff animations

Why is the fire staff light attack the same little tilt foreward of the staff and thats it. Its like u lightly tilt it downwards and thats it.

Almost all the other weapons in the game have some type of style and flair to their light attacks. Even the great axe swings left, then right. War hammer has has different animatjons for attacking. But fire staff and ice gauntlet and i guess void gauntlet… nope. 0 design.

You shoot a bolt from a stick. Do you want JoJo poses or something?


Yes i do.

Btw, Void gaunglet does have some good moves.

Firestaff animations in general are kind of bad.

Good thing youre not a creative director, eh?

Its not hard to make a few different attacking aminations per swing.

Yesh the VG i think attacks have i think 2 different type of animations, right?

You don’t swing it

Are you saying you dont understand what i mean? You dont understand what im getting at? I can explain it in more detail for you. Obviously you currently dont swing a fire staff around. Let me know if you need educational explanation.

What are you expecting excatly? They are basicly shooting projectiles. Maybe a dance ritual before a shot would be a good idea

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You want more light attack animations.

It doesn’t have a chain though. Which is why it’s just one animation. It’s the same for all of the magic weapons and Dex ranged weapons. No chain = same animation. I guess the only exception is the void gauntlet heavy which they decided needed to be a pimp slap.

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