Firestaff Buff, when?

any words on ptr ?
or any hidden buffs ?


hello? though they wanna make it viable

I’m also awaiting the fire folks buff.
I’m also awaiting the INT dropable accessory buff LIKE STR AND DEX IN DUNGEONS SUPER OP ITEM.
I’m also awaiting inclusion of voidbent INT.
I’m also waiting for an apology from the amazon to the real Casters (MAGE IS NOT WHO USES VOID MELEE) MAGE IS FAR FROM BEING A META !!!


Grit on flamethrower is the only buff Im looking for :slight_smile:

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No buffs only nerfs.

2023 maybe ? @Luxendra

Dont think FS needs a buff, its like A tier strong right now in light armor, sure there are some counters to it but every build has a counter so, with some nerfs to other weps like for example bow shoot jumping bug, I think its going to balance it self out and you will definitely see more mages soon. I see more and more fire staff users in light armor right now on my server

402 Int, 600 GS Firestaff with Keen + Empowered also one with enchanted
and i hit ( gotta believe it ) a medium geared player for 1.1-1.4k heavy crit…
while being in light armor, i got shot from a bow player by a 4.9k arrow ( was in war )
only hitting them for 2.2-2.5k ( if i can hit em due to their perma dodging)


It does seem a bit weird that bows in medium will hit body shots and do almost 5k damage on me, but at 400 int with vicious and a 600 FS I will crit them for 2.5k at the most. I think the fire staffs abilities are pretty good right now, despite flamethrower, incinerate, and meteor shower not being the best in pvp. However, empowering fireball needs to be fixed so that it actually works when you have elemental conversion gems equipped.

But fire staffs light/heavy attacks hit like a wet noodle, if they even do hit with how bad hit registration has been. The only purpose to do light/heavy attacks is to use heavy attacks to reduce your cooldowns on the FS, not to actually do damage.


the only good ability is our dash… fireball doesnt crit anymore. and just does dmg if u get the 31% perk
pillar of fire is a skill u will nearly never hit, unless vs a melee ( when u cast it under urself or on the Points in a War ) ^^


Pillar is pretty strong for wars, but it suffers the same bugs that affect ice storm right now. Sometimes the ability just does 0 damage. And other times the ability will place at your feet instead of where you are targeting. So definitely bug fixes will help out mages a bit. I agree that fireball is extremely underwhelming though.

First of all I agree bow is strong, like S tier. Second, why would you go 402 int, go 300 int and rest into con, scaling after 300 is just not worth it. The person you hit might have had a lot of elemental resistance and resilient/elemental aversion with elemental resistant gems. Im a musket player my self in light armor and fire staff just outperforms me at middle range due to me having to go 150 int, 300dex,50 con, for a reasonable damage output, FS having faster regular attacks, and FS paired with IG ice spike 1 shots me in light and even medium wearers, you can have 300int/200 con so you will have more HP than a musket user for example. And yes bow probably counters mages, I havent played FS much so im not sure.

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Shhhhhh stop telling everyone my secret xD

another person who doesn’t play firestaff. 850h ama

Also, probably B tier.

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fire staff buff? are you kidding me? I have a fire+ice build and I destroy all players, I deal very high damage. I have a light armor as it should be, you need to give up the Heavy Medium set as soon as possible, don’t be a noob

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got light armor as i mentioned 402 Int.

and ofc u own, if u have icespike :rofl:
but not with the firestaff :slight_smile:


If not S tier TBH

Only reason we are destroying players is because ice spike hitting 4 fucking times and that is getting changed. Otherwise Fire/ Ice is eh damage at best unless you use flamethrower ofc that shit op


lmao, not even close.

Maybe you need to work on your build/skill