Firestaff Buff, when?

FTFY (fixed that for you)

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My build is fine, I’m probably better than you, and broken passives/overnerfs are the reason why it isn’t good when it should be. I literally invented fstaff/rapier since alpha, so just relax.

FS is losing 5% dmg by default cause clear casting doesn’t work (it makes a difference trust me), applies no burns with watch it burn, which allows people to get away at 1 hp 24/7 even if I land 8 heavy attacks back to back to back doesn’t matter. There are plenty of other reasons you’re probably completely ignorant to which is fine, cause you don’t play it. It’s a shadow of what it once was.

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Firestaff isnt S or A tier its more around B but close to A in my opinion. Dont get me wrong its a decent weapon but compaired to any other weapon it fucking blows… well besides vs Sword and shield, GA and Hammer because those you can loop and keep lookin and they wont get you if you do it right. O wait you can even clap rapier users with FS LOL

i just play fire. if the enemy is close to me i play ice
I do 3500-3800 crit damage to light armor
2900-3100 to Medium
2000-2500 to Heavy
you want it to do 5k-6k damage?

As I said, if you don’t play with the medium + heavy set, you can see how well-proportioned the damage is.
by the way my itemes + weapon are not very good

Yes it is a shadow but so is hatchet, GA and LS…

O wait lol didnt read he was in a medium set LOL nm me im a idiot then ye his damage is fine. Considering they fixed the light armour +x% damage I think its fine. OFC not as OP as it once was but hey I dont wanna one clap ppl with one fireball.

lol, no. Hatchet has barely been nerfed since release, just exploits fixed. GA had a 10% bloodlust and lunge nerf, hardly anything. Good GA players can still roll. LS was blatantly OP since launch, but most of it was due to the heavy armor resilience bug which allowed 1v10ing, etc. LS needed some nerfs too, but right now it’s fine. Healing power is still strong, it’s just that healer defense is low. Sacred still ticks for 800-1k with good healers. Firestaff needed nerfs too, but obviously it was butchered.

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to crap geared light armor user i do max 3.2k crit thats right, as soon as they get elemental aversion/ opals u tickle :slight_smile:

50dex ( for the 5% extra crit, due to my ring having 15 dex, otherwise i would swap to 100kon.


No you don’t, 3500-3800 seems maybe accurate if they have 3 resil and a decent pillar in rune, otherwise if they have no resil yeah you can hit 5k pillars on light but not using resil on light in pvp is suicide vs anything.

I’m 595 gs keen/enc 599 staff 401 int light etc etc max dmg almost 15% opal and against good players with proper medium builds I’m critting 2.5k max. Heavy in the 1k’s. If you’re critting 3k on medium and 2500 on heavy they have trash armor, or mediocre armor with 0% ele resist.


BTW I’ll take a video and post it here so everyone can see how high the damage is. I want to say one thing to those who are crying here, please don’t be a loser medium+heavy set is not suitable for magicians, play with light set

nice, please in the video include their resistances and armor as well, as well as your entire build.


someone who actually plays proper firestaff finally, except lose the dex it’s not worth it. Crits are stacking additively per hit, so if you have 26% base crit, each hit adds 26% to your next hit which then resets to base 26% when you crit. dex crit perk is worthless. Put it into int or con.

ok im getting the feeling your legit just bad at PvP lol did you even play when hatchet would stagger at every hit :,)

I’m bad at pvp cause I never used hatchet? Why would I use a pve weapon in pvp? It still staggers almost every hit.

I think you misread or I did some funky shit but Hatchet would stagger a player on every attack no matter if they had grit or not. Its a great PvP and PvE weapon but also not S tier.

I think a lot of people are confused what being bad and good means

but yes I read your first comment and it still staggers. When you’re getting combo’d by hatchet you’re unable to weapon swap and you get small knockbacks every single hit. And i’m talking about performance nerfs not mechanics nerfs. I don’t think they statistically nerfed hatchet at all since launch, and no one said it was S tier. It’s still strong if you get combo’d by it. Cheat death / berserk is also strong. It’s a really cheese weapon which makes it strong.

Yes the combos make sense that they stagger im more talking about light attacks staggering which they removed after the first open beta. No they havent statistically nerfed it because lets be real it just isnt as good so no point and there is other weapons which are better however requier more skill and/ or better timings and arnt just a left click spam weapon which has 2 cheesy mechanics. I feel like hatchet is a bad example of a weapon that needs a nerf tbh.

no one said hatchet needs a nerf lmao

and like I said even if you get light attacked, your character gets briefly incap’d I know it’s not a full stagger, but it’s still stupid.

“lol, no. Hatchet has barely been nerfed since release, just exploits fixed” if this doesnt sound like a cry that hatchet needs nerf from your earlier post please tell me im wrong