Firestaff Buff, when?

dude, I was replying to

How is hatchet a shadow of what it was if it hasn’t gotten nerfed? I’m not saying it needs a nerf

Hatchet has been at the same power since the games lifetime, and it’s fine

I know what you were replying to but worded like this it sounds like a call for a nerf.

no, I was just saying it was never insane before then overnerfed like firestaff was

It was def insane in the first open beta considering everyone ran it in Wars + Open world PvP like the weapon was stupid with the full stagger on lights. like no weapon could compete against it really which was the sadge part now that it was changed hatchet is in a good place.

buff, lol :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I think int weapons are WAY too strong, they should nerf them finally.


They just did 17 times

Also, INT weapons =/= just firestaff



Still 5m damage in invasions and 2.5m above everyone else.

Yes, because of ice and vg, not fire.

Read my previous comment, KEK.


I have found a troll lol… or a GA/ HA user which just wanted to be brain dead and left click

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never played invasion/wars, hm?

I have alot lol like a litteral fuck ton. Mages where top dps before nerf now to get that much damage its just AOE which does well cute damage. Invasions bows and GAs now get top dps not mages.

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Nope, I play a lot of OPR though. Fire/ice I get 700-800k damage in a good game. I’d say that’s 35%/65% fire/ice. Fire/rapier I get 300-400k. With ice I could probably get a mil if I don’t go for flanks

If the flamethrower can increase by 2 or 5 meters, I think it can, otherwise it will not be interrupted by any heavy weapon attack

Prove it.

Save yourself the trouble on that video

437 int - light armour

Pretty beasty gear, can all be seen at the end of the video.

At no point in this 11 minute video does he hit any medium player for anything close to 2900-3100 with regular auto crits.

In fact the highest he hits any medium player with a crit is around 2300/2400, those that are better geared as low as 1200.

Just admit you were exaggerating the dps on fire staff/light armour and move on…

Edit: Forgot to mention that he’s also using a powerful honing stone for an extra 7% + battle bread for another 5% which just further skewes your numbers…


pretty sure he just tested on dummies in the warcamp. :smiley:

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yoooooo if they buff flamethrower imma be so happy xD its honestly after its buff become my go to

Where’s mah grit AGS!


when is the firestaff buff coming ??

ur team said that in the Interview.

And no one is talking about Meteor Shower of course, it s always about DMG instead balance between spells and talent ! :frowning: