Firestaff is completely overtuned now wth

I spent a lot of money and umbras in a firestaff with Fireball perk, and now is useless

I mean bruiser didn’t get that huge nerf

If it about cc dmg nerf all weps that have cc skill got dmg nerfed too hard . Since they don’t want skill to deal high dmg and cc at the same time.

Grit ? Stagger been mostly removed from many skiils you won’t even need it that much . Also it give a meaning to have a real tank in pvp now especially wars

I feel incinerate will be more used in pve more for self heal

But i agree pvp wise i don’t think it’s good option

I can see pillar of fire/meteor shower / fire ball will be more used in pvp and pve

Read the patch notes again for Great Axe and Hammer and compare that total to what other builds got reduced by.

No other build comes anywhere near the nerfs that bruiser received and bruiser was already in a poor state for most modes of content. Ok maybe musket but its hard to define as their adjustment was via changing their aim mechanic.

Along with grit, shirking fort, etc. Bruisers wont be meta for wars after this. Theyll be replaced for the most part. If thats what you want fine ok. But saying bruisers didnt receive big nerfs isnt factual.

To give you an analogy ‘everyone has money in their pockets, but some more than others’. Ie. Bows got 5% nerfs (while slaughtering everyone for 6+ months while GA and Hammer got very large % nerfs in comparison and were not dominating scoreboards for KDA or damage comparitavely.

If player A gets gets his toe stepped on.

And player B gets picked up and thrown off the bridge.

Both were punished, yes, but one more than the other.

Bruiser wasn’t in poor state they been always meta in pvp and pve

Old meta bruiser grit- cc chain - high dmg- great survivability all at once

Tanks were nearly lost it role in pvp and pve lately

Ptr : you either go full dmg but without grit or gain grit with great survivability but lose some dmg which is fair trade

Bruiser now more balanced and have 2 different playstyle

Bruiser will still be a must in pvp and pve even if ptr goes live they still deal great dmg and have the best cc chain

Only difference is more builds like tank will be viable on wars since grit moved to cons now

I play bruiser too and played it in ptr it still dose it purpose

I’ll copy and paste the opinion from a fellow fire staff user: “Removing the burning patch and nerfing the perk to only apply to above 50% health enemies makes this a dead skill. The burning AOE prevented the skill from being a total waste of a cast most of the time against groups (…). It’s a dead perk once anything goes below half health. (…) The critical moment in PvP is below 50% health. Fireball is a finisher wham-o that delivers the knockout with the fire staff, something devs don’t seem to understand.”

Fs is an offcial stat padder as it is
They traded burst for dps. Which is sad, in a burst game

It’s probably better to get some stacks of smolder and then finish with pillar, which now does 5% more damage with each stack of smolder. Fireball can apply up to 3 stacks of smolder.

The difference between max empowering fireball damage (7200) and max damage pillar (6800) is like 6%.

It’s pretty hard to dodge pillar now.

The amount of hatred towards mages is unreal. People are constantly trying to keep it underpowered, and so far they have succeeded.

The fact they can’t accept a game to have multiple builds viable

They either want shooter game or full melee game

This ptr will make mages , tank , Melee and range viable in many contents not just pvp and it will make each build has it own purpose and it weakness which why ppl don’t want their beloved build to have any weakness

This . /thread

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Maybe overstated, but most of the gems were emeralds. Cuz of musket and bow meta. Now everyone will be mage, and bruisers will jump on fire gems. That means I’ll poke your butt with nerfed dmg

CON bruiser isnt very good. Most anyone you talk with who plays bruiser will tell you this.

its buffed, and it is a way bigger threat if played as a group just like how assasins-kill squads play in wars.

in 1v1 or 1vx situations yea there is almost nothing different. about that i agree. but its not about that

in wars, fs NOW will have big effect on clumps, it will be super easy to stack 5 smolders on targets, now count heavy atk as aoe too, there will be heavy atk, meteor, pillar of fire and fireball all aoe and better dmg. no need to run burnout at wars. that is a lot of aoe, now imagine if a kill squad utilize it like how its supposed to be

another biggest point is, mages could almost never go glass cannonish since bows muskets can 2 tap them. now muskets are dead, bows are nerfed, mages can have easier time to go 400 int+ builds. before almost no mage ever had that luxury. base wpn dmg buffs effect way more with high int values. so think about it as buffs are enchanted since we can go glass cannon. it opens up new build

and finally on top of those 2 things, add BB dmg too. that is constant nonstop aoe spam on spot. exactly like how it supposed to work. so we can assume that now fs will be viable meanwhile before it was not even a debate because now mage will be true artillery which you cant ignore any more, especially if they utilize their cooldowns which how its meant to be

i dont get how anyone dares to got to the forums to write bruisers were op :joy:
grav well combo was the easiest combo to dodge if bruiser was not supported by another bruiser and or vg/ig while constanly getting topped by a healer. bruisers have literally 0 pressure on their own. we allready experienced what a mode looks like were nobody wants to play melee (bowpr) and if the aoe spam meta without melees will come i bet all of you guys come back to the forums to cry about it. just sayin.

Just play 300 str and adapt to dodge more if you think cons bruiser isn’t good that all

And Dw about dmg fortify also got nerfed you will still hit hard with cc skills

Just don’t expect to have all in one build (grit-high dmg - cc chain- good survivability)

Now each build has it own role and purpose. All contents bruiser will still be a must as tanks now and other builds

You havent played bruiser in war or even opr well if you think for some reason that GA/Hammer players just sit and left click like we do vs a pve expedition boss.

Why is that a commonly spread misconception? If we try that other bruisers stun us. Its funny hearing range players tell medium armor bruisers how to play better on point when they avoid it like the plague. Bruisers already use I-frames. We dont get extra dodges with this update. Its a joke to act like they can just dodge more or better. Bruisers having been m I-framing the entire time to stay alive and not get stunned. You learn it quickly fighting other hammer and GA players as its a mirror match.

You beed a better argument.

The main problem is I play bruiser in wars and and arena lol and know how the build work

Am not hating on bruiser i love to have them in any content they are a must in general

You just over reacting like it’s now dead which it’s not .

You said you don’t spam lb3 mindlessly. Then grit not being on str not a big deal and staggers been mostly removed

Cc skills got nerfed- fortification got also changed and nerfed you will still hit hard with cc skills

You don’t want to accept that you can’t have everything in on build .

So please wait till ptr goes life and let ppl play with their bis gears then complain if it dead or useless as u claim

Im not as concerned with grit as others and havent focused on that. The damage nerfs is the area that hurts the role the most.

The role was already lousy to play in opr, 3v3 arena’s or duels. After these nerfs it will not be used much except for as a utility build for groups in comms who want to coordibate chain cc.

The problem most dont understand is the organized comm war groups are always going to stomp solo queue players and drive frustration. The builds they use to do this dont matter. Its the organized play. Today its bruiser getting nerfs tomorrow it will be spear or BB or mages.

The player base and devs incorrectly look at bruisers as being too strong when its the supports and group comms with teamwork that make them good. A solo bruiser is already low on the totem pole and will be a in a very bad spot after this patch goes through.

It was very difficult to score in the top ranks of opr as a bruiser for the last year. After this patch? Forget it.

Things that would help ease the frustration are fixing crafting to help players transition to new roles and builds. And fixing the scoring for opr and wars now rather than later so scoring in the modes and leaderboards didnt place bruisers and tanks at the bottom. Waiting to change the scoring formula for opr until the Fall with cross-server OPR is a mistake. Theyre too content with allowing game modes to remain in poor states for long periods when they have fixes available or should prioritize fixes the community has bren asking for.

Theres a lot more common interest from the community in a simple scoring fix for OPR and war that motivates players to play other roles like tank but instead we get nerfs like this? Why not take the easy win and implement an OPR scoring formula change for scoring any time over the past year? Ive personally submitted probably 10+ suggestions in game via their feedback system. It has to be a common request you hear it all the time. Even a band aid scoring change would help in the mean time if they have larger plans for it. Setting aside bruiser nerfs, this type of change is the kind low hanging fruit that AGS needs to start acting on faster to improve the gameplay and grow the community.

Theyve ignored it and let it fester. Its so odd to introduce a new leaderboard system before doing any correction to the scoring weve had in place for a year. I created a new toon a few days ago and switched to fs/blunder. Going to try it out for a while.

Honestly main problem is role parties system which is always mess up especially for solo players who pvp in wars and other pvp

Wars clumps now there’s a meaning to have tank hold the point and bruiser to back up the tank and control the point alongside other rolse like vg/ig support and light melees/mage/range provide the dmg and push . That how it will be hopefully
Which way more fun and a new playstyle for me atleast

Along with the new fortification and cc dmg nerf

You won’t notice huge nerf u will still hit hard when use cc with the nerf of new mitigation

Atleast some of your points are valid ga dmg nerf was alot and i agree with you

And new 300 str should be 20% increase cc duration which way better than 10% heavy attacks and will benefit bruiser as their cc chain is their main opener- rotation

Other things are fine

Glad to hear a bruiser saying grit is not what main concerning them

Lastly as i mentioned above with the new mitigation formula u will hit hard even with nerf and will rarely notice the difference in cc skills after testing in ptr

At the end we need our bis gears to have fully test everything and only that when ptr is live