Firevine Battlestaff Hidden Skin Change, cuz u cant fix it?

For real?
7 Months old bug, u cant fix it and now the Staff has the bugged Skin, as Icon ??

is this intended?

Mine is broken as well as my friends. This is a Bug. Server is Maramma.

Yup, they couldnt change the skin so they updated the icon for new Firevines dropped and now they updated all Firevine icons that had dropped previous to the updated icon. Mind you, there is a fire staff in the game (GS 300-450 I believe I got it at) that does have what was supposed to be the Firevine skin, but different icon. Wouldve been nice to have them actually change the Firevine skin to its actual icon skin and not just change the icon.

probably… :frowning: now it just looks like the garbage twitch drop

srsly no answer ? :smiley:

guess not…


Thanks for reaching out! We will be fixing this accidental skin change!



ty. :slight_smile:

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