First boss in lazarus is bugged

First boss in lazarus doesnt talk to you after you cleaned all mobs.
Spend Lazarus orb and had this…

Saw same issue a lot of times on twitch streams.

Is this still the case after restarting the game and steam?

Im a bit puzzled.
Are all party members expected to restart the game and steam and then recieve a free atunement orb to try again? Or does the dungeon still remember the party was in it for a few minutes?

Still remember. The only way is to use another orb. Wasted two orbs yesterday because of bug. You could not proceed without killing first boss.

I guess u guys know u have to cleanse to trigger fight(everyone), right?

Please provide a screenshot/video. It sounds like someone in your group did not cleanse in the room by the checkpoint. You can determine that by the step in the dungeon quest you are on.

same thing happened to us, my orb is wasted for nothing LOL

we try everything but got nothing

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