First bots on NewWorld?

I try speak with him but no answers…


Yep they are everywhere.


Devs need to find a solution really fast before they ruin the game !


They’re everywhere and spamming global chat continuously with their gold selling spam.


I ve reported 2 at the same time … and they got disconnected and 3min later came back to the game … :frowning:

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There was bots on closed beta lol
Aim bot, XP multiplier, resource multiplier, ESP, speed and gravity of arrows and bullets modifier are all current cheats you can buy for new world as well. Game will be a sinking ship unless they stop this.


¿LoL, really? Well, that actually explains things. I have found some rangers (specially mages) that hit me non-stop and without fail at miles a far with me having as an only moto trying to dodge and survive. I mean, I’m a musketeer my self, and my conception was that it is not as easy to hit moving targets.

Hope is htat amazon will solve all of those soon.

I could hit crazy shots with firestaff it has larger hitbox than musket. Firestaff is very ez to hit imo apposed to ice gauntlet and others

The RuneScape bot disease has spread to this game it seems.

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Not the first lol I seen then in open beta

It’s been a plauge lol it killed Aion in its first use months

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There is no solution against bots. The only way is to use actual shift workers tracking each corner of the world manually day in day out. Cleaning toilets is a better job.

Lol, I could care less about bots. Lets focus on the server lag issues. Theres thousands on thousands of players that can’t even fight in a war cause how bad the latency is. Never experienced this issue with any other game.

There is a solution but no games use it anymore at all.

Game Masters.

Back in the day GM’s would teleport around to various areas being reported and cast special spells to instantly kill characters breaking games or botting and those spells would also resort in a ban.

Bots are going to 100% destroy the economy. So… yes servers are an issue, but I would rather have a bad server than an economy that doesn’t work because its botted and flooded with mats.

True, I just want to be able to play the game. Bots suck I agree but having 150-400 ping every time alot of us log in is even worse. They deff have alot of issues to fix though.

Just lead mobs to them and they will handle it

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