First house 50% discount and property tax

  • What is your character name in New World: Dragule

  • What server/world did you experience your issue on: Nysa

  • Describe the issue you are experiencing: I bought my first house in First Light yesterday thanks to the 50% discount, but it doesn’t seem to apply to the property tax. I should be paying 750 golds in taxes, but the game asks for 1360. I used the territory standing to reduce property tax on this territory, and I think it might be overriding the 50% discount. The territory (First Light) is owned by my own faction so the taxes are low and should not have such an impact.

  • Is this a bug or an exploit: Bug

  • How did the issue effect your gameplay: The game asks me to pay more tax than I should because it is ignoring the 50% discount on the first house.

  • Were you able to recover from the issue: No.

  • Please include a screenshot or video of the issue that you have experienced:
    Tax preview: G9eRRsy — ImgBB (screenshot not by me because I don’t have access to this information anymore, my house costed 7500 golds but taxes were the same as on the picture)
    Actual tax: tax — ImgBB
    Bonus from territory standing: standing — ImgBB
    As you can see, my tax corresponds to 1500-9.3% (tax without first house discount minus the bonus from standing).

  • What are the steps to reproduce the issue as you experienced: Buy first house on a territory where you already have a discount thanks to territory standing, and the taxes seem to be higher than it should be.

Another related thread I found on the forums : First house discount isn't applying to the property tax

EDIT: It seems that it is not related to the territory standing tax reduction, because some people in this thread have the same problem with the full price tax.
The first house discount just does not apply to taxes for now, but it should be fixed.


Ouch and a bump…


I just bought my first house in Everfall (20k with 50% off) and have the same issue.

Character Name: Shyria
Server: Corbenic

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Same issue!

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I have the same issue, just bought a house in Everfall on server Baralku for $10000 with first home buyer discount. It says my first tax is $1569 (with property tax decrease from region standing). Advertised price was $1000 tax


Same issue! Reinare on Aukumia server, bought a 20k house (10k with discount) in Mourningdale but the half off discount for it being my first house doesn’t work as was advertised, price is still normal price of near 2k

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Same issue for my wife and I. Very disappointed. Hope this is a bug as we intentionally saved up for a larger first house due to the tax discount.


I have the same issue. Bought a 20k house expecting to pay the ADVERTISED 1k per week. Then i find out after PURCHASE that it was a “bait and switch” where taxes are double what they should be. This bug has been around and reported about for a very long time. Well over a year. The only reasonable conclusion is that it is intentionally misleading and working as they intend it to work.

Next i expect to be forced to pay taxes every 5 days instead of the advertised 7 days.


How has this not been fixed… seems like such an easy issue to fix. Same issue with me. 7500 for house and im being charged 1500…

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Same issue, just bought my first house for 10k, said I’d have to pay 1k in taxes not including discounts. After buying house I checked taxes and it said 1.7k, that’s 1k to much.

Location: Everfall

House Purchase:

  • Property Value: $20,000.0
  • First Time Purchase: -50.0%
  • Net Total: $10,000

House Purchase Screen Tax Rate:

  • Base Property Tax: $2,000
  • First Time Purchase: -50.0%
  • Net Total: $1,000

Property Tax Details:

  • Territory Property Tax Rate: 10.0% (Med)
  • Territory Property Tax Reduction: -13.1%
  • First Time House Tax Reduction: -50.0%

Amount Tax Due: ($869)

Now for some reason its not taking into account the 50% first time buyers discount, its saying I owe $1738 which is 13.1% off of $2000.

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I am seeing similar property tax issues. Details below.

Location: Everfall
Company + faction controlled discounts apply

House Purchase:

  • Property Value: $20,000.0
  • Faction/Company Discount: -20.0%
  • Sub Total: $16,000.0
  • First Time Purchase: -50.0%
  • Net Total: $8,000.0

House Purchase Screen Tax Rate:

  • Base Property Tax: $1,000.0
  • Faction/Company Discount: -30%
  • Sub Total: $700.0
  • First Time Purchase: -50.0%
  • Net Total: $350.0

Property Tax Details:

  • Territory Property Tax Rate: 5.0% (Low)
  • Territory Property Tax Reduction: -13.1%
  • First Time House Tax Reduction: -50.0%

Amount Tax Due: (869.34) 608.54 (Company discount 30%)

My Property Tax Calculations:

  • Property Value: $20,000
  • Net Property Tax Rate: 5% * 13.1% = 0.05 * (1.0 - 0.131) = 0.04345
  • Sub Tax Total: 20,000 * 0.04345 = 869.0
  • I suspect AGS is rounding my -13.1 tax rate since they have fractions.
  • Company Tax Discount: -30%
  • Sub Total: 869.0 * (1.0 - 0.3) = 608.30

This aligns with my tax due, which also shows the -50% first-time house buyer discount was not applied. Had it been applied, my tax owed should be $304.15.

– edit
My original calculations were based on using a fixed $1,000 baseline tax amount; however that’s not how the actual tax system works (I was misinformed). Property tax is the percentage rate based on the valuation of your property, not some fixed number as I proposed above. I corrected my above calculations to take this into account.


I don’t even have the discount showing in my game. I haven’t bought a house yet because I’m not getting the discount at all.

Same Issue

Same here, same place same problem !

Same issue in Windsward. Says I owe 1300 something in taxes for the largest house. I also have territory perks to reduce tax price.

Bump, same issue in Brightwood

I too have this issue and it has not been fixed. Will I be compensated gold back?! Seems to be happening to everyone or we all misunderstood the fine print

Adding to this like everyone else. I bought this house based on the very explicit notice that tax would be a certain amount, and suddenly it’s double that. Literally can’t afford it right now.

Only additional note is that I do not have the territory perk that reduces housing tax.

Same problem here. I have to pay 1000 (normally 500) in 6 days, so please fix this asap as I assume you will not get any compensation for paying too much…

I have the same problem but payed my 1.700 just now because I had only 20 hours left.

But that brought up the next big issue. Instead of the anticipated new 7 days I have to pay my next rate in 5 days and 20 hours. So now I have to pay a bugged inflated tax in even shorter intervals than advertised !!!