First Light 6 Broad Hotspots?

Seriously, why is this a thing. Every other territory has a little variety in the fishing hotspots. Heck Great Cleave only has two but one of them is a Secret so you get better stuff out of it. Even the the other starter zones have a couple of Rares and Secrets. So why is First Light the only territory on the map that has only broad? Plus it’s one thing if there was only 2-3 spots but there’s 6! Why put so many in one territory and have them ALL be the lowest tier?

I say this because I wanted to rip my hair out. I spent over 4 hours, over 500 bait (fireflies/glowworms) and went from ~175 to 200 fishing. Yeah, I maxed out my fishing, and I didn’t catch a single Albenaja, the only reason why I was fishing in First Light in the first place! Seriously.

Then from what I read, pretty much anything relating to fishing luck is broken. So the only thing to help me catch legendary fish are Rare or Secret hotspots. While the chances of a Legendary coming from a broad hotspot is next to none. Which I’ve experienced first hand.

I know this is a niche topic essentially but I got so frustrated by this that I went through the process to set up my account for here JUST to make this post.

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