First Merge in EU Central (640+640)

Looks like EU Central worlds Mardi and Brittia will be merged on 8 December (edit: moved to 9 December). Their Friday night peaks were about 650ish each, taking them to 1.3K.

I’m sure it’s just a test run, but I’m glad to see progress. I just hope they don’t end up merging two very low pop servers and calling it good (100+100 doesn’t solve the problem).

Edit: the main concerns from replies below seem to be that some entire world sets need to be combined, not just two servers. And we’d appreciate an update from a CM/Dev that this is possible and/or will happen.


I just hope the players who still have their transfer won’t overcrowd the merged server to create another problem.

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@Luxendra @Tosch
Can you say if you are Planning to do multiple server merge in one server?
Exemple Vanahein Alto have 7 server that make like 2300 player at prime time.
Can you just merge all the server in one or two server or it’s only 2 by 2 ?


Seems like its a trial run. If all goes well they will start the rest I’m sure.


Will there be compensations for territory owners on a server that will be merged into another world, like promised in one of dev posts?
@Luxendra @Kay

Merge my server next!!

Good thing to see the mergers hitting off. Hopefully we’ll see a reduced number, but packed servers prior to the holidays with this :slight_smile:.

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I think this was already said clearly enough.

Yes, I am aware but in this Post
they didn’t mention it in the FAQ, that’s why I’m asking.

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Considering the number of conditionals used in that post, good luck people of Mardi and Brittia.


That was my initial thought that some sets actually need every single world combining and the Devs are only talking about 2 worlds. Some sets actually need combining with an entire other set to make even 1 medium pop world.

I hope they give a brief statement about multiple world merges.

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Ah man finally

And to the ones saying merge more/lower pop

It’s likely a trial run.

Good shit finally, just hope this won’t take them 4months


Definitely, we have been waiting so long I dont mind a careful aproach as long as it gets started.

Rather wait a little more time with it definitely happen than just do a YOLO merge and then the forums start burning more and my character gets accidentally deleted or something.


poor Italians I hope everything will be fine

As requested by multiple replies in this thread, please can someone answer our questions about world sets that ONLY have low population servers?

We’d need MULTIPLE servers to be merged into one server just to have a decent population, but AGS are only talking about 1 to 1 mergers.

Can @Luxendra @Tosch or someone please give us some information about this?

I need to know if I’m going to get stuck on a server with 200 players instead of 100 players so I can decide whether or not to use my server transfer and abandon my server…


Well if they can merge servers 1to1 then that means they can also merge multiple servers into one but probably will do it one at a time to prevent problems/bugs…

What I’m concerned is with the large number of low population servers we have currently it will still take long time to have them all merged into decent sized servers especially if many problems arise during/after this test merge.

I’m also on a low population server currently with no much more than 200 players online during weekend prime times. It has become almost impossible to find a crew to even do dungeons, much less wars/invasions/OPR…

If it goes to the next year to have our server merged I’m seriously concerned if there are any players left by then…

I guess the best we can hope now is that this test merge goes as smoothly as it can.

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On my world server Vanaheim Omnia there are all together 910 player online.

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Thanks everyone for your feedback. I’ve updated the main thread with the “entire world set” merger question in hopes the Devs see it.

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Thats not even the lowest populated server. Why they pick a half populated server? They have 800 on prime time.

Our server Opar doesnt even hit the 300.

On Average we have like 140 ppl online. And there even lower populated servers.

@Luxendra @Tosch ?


650 puts them in the top 90% of server populations yet here we are.

How do you guys even manage to fuck up good news?

Server merges are objectively good news for so many of us, but jesus man… use brain.

And yes please let this just be the first of the merges, and merge the other 300~ servers that only get 200ish people. Also like OP said 200+200 doesn’t solve it. My entire world set needs to be merged to even come close to having 2000 players.