First merge it's happening

Between 2 world’s unfortunately but maybe is just a test.hope so

Yea it is strange they choose those two out of that set. they both peak around 650 players. While one server in that set peaks at 280ish? I can only assume they will merge the other servers in the set as well.

May just be a test. Testing to see what happens when they move the large chunk of players, within reason, without fear of causing unwanted entrance ques.

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In my world set we have just 1 with a peak of maybe 700 players,rest of them 200 maximum.
So hope they will merge all servers into 1…

Doubt that

A healthy number to shoot for would probably be 1500 average concurrent combined players. I hope they leave enough space for the players that are hanging back until merges happen, and players that are still part of the dead servers that may come back after shit gets fixed.

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