First New World Trickshot?

New World - Best Pure Bow Player - YouTube

0:10 seconds in


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ty :100:

Nice video.

Why do you do that little twitchy movement thing over your target when aiming all the time?

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Adderall jitters

i find the bow works best if u make last second adjustments after u release left click
therefore the jittery little flicks
doesnt work in fps xD

nah just kratom xD

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Yeah i figured it was some kind of trick to get the wonky hitboxes in this game to cooperate-.

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that’s some terribad zoomer music you got there


It sure is
I refrained from using dumpster rap for my last two videos but I couldn’t resist

Legit awesome!!!

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thanks a lot bro! <3

Why do people feel the need to add wanky music to these videos?


cuz i like it

I love that jumping iframe exploit. Theres a reason why the video is edited and cut not showing the hp lol.

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you know hes aim botting?

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Unlikely, EAC bypasses aren’t cheap.

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Be careful, a friend of mine that was as good as you got banned from mass reports… After an outpost rush

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bend it like beckham