Fish bots' new interest outside chests

Update 1 day later. 30 bots still there.

Bots have a new interest in fishing since chests removed. Wondering if it is simply to gain XP effortlessly in order to advance to some other level-gated farming. Seen a lot of fish bots … never seen this many before.

El Dorado today, in First Light, southernmost fishing spot (see images for location stamp in top corners). Reported around 30 bots all clumped together on the pier (no easy feat, difficult to locate H’s… manually typed in names).

The group furthest out were nearly all level 31. A couple of 32’s. To me, that says that they all were started together.

They must have remained undisturbed for some time because it appears a 2nd group was created. The group closer to land range from level 13-16.

My main concern is their intention. I can’t see that the purpose is to sell the fish or contents. It would be too taxing to move them all. I did see one higher level character (54) with similar name run up for perhaps trade? Maybe they are moving some items. When reported, do the GM’s check to see if any items are moved to other accounts? It should be.

Bottom line is that this impacts enjoyment to feel as if one cannot fish at a broadspot or attend to any outdoor activity without reminder that there is a playing field which is purchased by some. Probably many.

2 clumps of bots:

1st group has leveled together to 31.

How appropriate? The lore page that the fishing bots are standing on is called “A Cautionary Tale”…

Ok, so, something has to change. That pier is not far from the First Light starting area. Ran down to find it crawling with clumped up groups of oddly named characters. Yeah, I’m sure there are some new players who had difficulty finding names and used a random generator… but that many ? You gotta wonder what the purpose of leveling that many is. Sometimes it’s not just about found exploits but about “what are they up to?” exploits.

PS. the lore next to that starting zone is called “Daily Reporting”. It’s as if the simulation is cracking. Perhaps this is my fate, to track the baby turtles from their hatching on the beach to their ultimate rise and capture of the island. I can say I saw it coming. PS. Send snacks. I will be here for some time.

So… watching the bots at First Light tower. They appear to be running the initial missions and returning to the quest-giver for turn in. Upon hitting level 3, they log off. Saw a level 7 and 12 that stood out only because of their level. Possibly other curious players such as myself as they were there for a long time without running any quest. Wondering if the bots are running to obtain initial coin, no matter how small, and pass to someone else before logging off.

Ever see that old movie, Logan’s Run? Where the characters reach a certain age and are ritualistically killed whilst the younger characters chant “Renew Renew!” Kinda feels like that. Though in this world, a few lucky ones get to move on to fish and remain alive a bit longer.

OMG this game is really broken.

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iirc, they were reported before noon on Saturday. It’s Sunday evening 8:28 pm and they are still there. The two groups of bots have now moved onto one another on the far side of the pier.

The first group of mostly 31’s (and a level 32) have now leveled to 32 with one level 33. The junior group has also leveled with a couple of 22-24’s now. At this point, I’m Jane Gooddall watching the group advance.

They were (each one) reported Saturday using the bot behavior category. I wont be sending a second wave of tickets but am curious now as to the turnaround time. El Dorado is one server of dozens. I can’t imagine how many have been reported overall.

Screen below of the bots having been moved together to one side. Curious why they did that. Was it to better position for the broadspot?

So about that. The first time, most weren’t even positioned to cast into the hotspot. The second time I visited, they were all then faced (while in same position but just facing the spot as opposed to facing randomly into the waters) to fish from the hotspot which made it unavailable to fishermen. It is probably immediately depleted with 30 bots on it all at once. Unfortunate, as it is one of the early spots for the lower skilled fishermen to enjoy in First Light.

Same on our server, report yet are still there. Not sure what good it does to report. Our markets are talent because of this crap :frowning:

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