Fishing, and why it needs to be fixed

Hello everyone.

There are several points I would consider negatives against fishing, and I hope by properly explaining them here, that we can get the developers to buff/fix the experience.

  • Requires a lot more focus/skill than any other gathering skill.
  • Getting a catch (from throw to getting the option to fish again) feels very slow.
  • Skill experience gain per catch feels incredibly low for the time/focus investment.
  • No buff food for fishing.

Overall it feels incredibly slow to level fishing, with it also feeling like it gives little to zero reward per catch in terms of experience. Other gathering skills are very much set-it-and-forget-it, but fishing requires a lot more focus and/or skill to finish, yet the rewarded skill experience doesn’t reflect that, ending up making the leveling experience tedious and feeling worthless.
Add to that, that you only get approx. 1 fish per catch (other skills you gain more per gather), sometimes just trash.

I think that each successful catch should reward more experience, even if it’s trash.

In it’s current state fishing is the worst experiences with gathering trade skills in the game, and really needs some love.

I love the mechanics, but the rewards for the effort you need to put in, does not match.


Agreed. It is the longest gathering option and the least rewarding.

And if you make it to level 200, what’s the point? There’s no “special” ability or reward for all that effort.


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