Fishing aptitude needs help

Level 200 fisherman here. First and foremost, the journey to 200 was largely unrewarding and being 200 yields absolutely zero benefit over the previous levels other than more fishing hotspots. It would be fantastic if we could make better bait, received larger returns on hotspots, etc.

Now for fishing aptitude: it is PAINFULLY slow to reach even the first chest on the aptitude ring. Worse yet, the rewards i’ve found for reaching those levels have been worse than the treasure chests you get from the hotspots themselves. Compare this to the relatively speedy leveling of harvesting or mining and the nice legendaries you get from those chests.

It would be nice to have some comparable reward for the effort.


fellow fisher here and i have to agree 100% I filled the role of company fisher and I have to say I got more chests than fish most of the time so not being able to get legendary fish from the boxes like all the other gathering skills is kind of sad.

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I am of the same mindset. Already submitted feedback on ways to improve this. Legendary fish in the chests would help offset this, even if it were blue fishing in the first one, 1, or 2 legendary in the second and 3 to 4 in the final aptitude would be fine, but we seriously need something to make fishing worthwhile.

I do THINK that given the botability of fishing that the devs have hindered it, but it just made it all that much worse for those of us whom actually enjoy that hobby aspect of the game itself.

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This wont happen. Fish bots ruined this.

Seriously the best solution you have found to stop fishing bots is to nerf fishing until it is totally useless?


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