Fishing bot found

server amenti …
hes been here for 3 hours farming on the 3 star spot for t5 pearls enter server and check this dude out and ban him

Hello @bonebreakerr!

Thanks for bringing this to our notice, I will definitely escalate this.

We take instances of botting seriously and hence I request you to please report suspected bots using paths mentioned below:

To report a player or company in-game:

1.  Hover over the offending message and then click Report.
2.  Select a reason for the report, provide a description of the violation, and then click Submit.

To report a player outside the game, file a web ticket to -…

Make sure to include the following:

1.  The name of the player or company you're reporting.
2.  A description of the violation.
3.  The server name where the violation occurred.

These reports reach our moderators directly, so they can be acted upon.

Thank you so much. See you in Aeternum !

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