Fishing Bot Video Proof

First of all, hello everyone,

After bringing many of my professions to the 200 level, I decided to go fishing. When I started fishing, I tried to level up quickly by fishing in hotspots. One day, while browsing the hotspots, I came across a man. I started fishing in the hotspot next to the man, after a certain time passed, the game gave me an afk warning because I didn’t move while fishing. I moved to let the game know that I wasn’t afk, but the man next to me didn’t move. As if his character was fixed there with a nail, I waited a little longer and watched the movements of the man. And after a while he moved, but he opened his bag, it could be seen from his movements. Then he returned to his old position and continued fishing. There was no movement, he just opened his bag and then resumed fishing. I tried the same thing, but when I opened my bag, the afk warning did not go away. I don’t know what he does when he opens the bag but he clears the afk warning and continues fishing and I saw this man in the same place yesterday and today. At the 1-star hotspot below Hoff Point at First Light. The man’s character name is “Gimnastka”, level 35. I have the video in my hand, it is uploading to youtube now. When it’s uploaded, I’ll share the link here and you’ll agree with me, man, it’s definitely a BOT!


Shout out to the developers. The man is still fishing in the same place. You can enter the game and see for yourself. I’m going to check this place until I see this guy get kicked out of the game.

they dont seem to care - i have reported 2 seperate fishing bots 3-4 time a day for 6 days in a row now and they are still there fishing.

New World Fishing Bot (Server Abaton) - YouTube please watch video.

i saw naked player as well near WW farming wood , he look like bot , i keep try to make him stop but he roam around the area for like 2 hours , i log out and log in again in the next day and he still there xd

i watched the video , so how can you tell for sure its a bot ? coz he didnt reply ? when i fish
i watch youtube i would also not reply …

At the beginning and end of the video, he opens his bag and does not move at all. And the guy is always there whenever I go there no matter what time it is.

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