Fishing Bots everywhere

I have been seeing fishing bots all over the place, they have random letter names and are all lvl 6, 7, 8. These bots stand at the water and cast over and over again it doesn’t look like they are catching anything I could be wrong but they are taking up a spot an actual player could be using. I reported a group of four of them yesterday and they were still there last night when i logged out. With the limit amount of spots for players in each server I feel like these bots are a big problem as i see multiple each day.


You should repost this in the Bugs and Exploits forum, and report the suspected bot in game (align yourself to the character so the H becomes visible, hit H, click on Report, and fill out the report.).


I have been reporting when i see them i will repost this asap where you suggested thanks.


And thank you! As an ardent fisherman who’s already achieved Fishing Master back in Alpha I don’t want my favorite in-game hobby destroyed by botters. :fishing_pole_and_fish::fish::tropical_fish::shark::fishing_pole_and_fish::grinning:


they must ban all of them permanently

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How come they are still botting? I thought the gold was removed from fishing?
What’s the main profit now?

Please tell me you took the time to report each and every one of them…

Also, damned shame you couldn’t find some mob/hostile NPC you could introduce them to.

Gems I expect - that or salvaged meat. Or; they’re using it as a set and forget means to level these bots for use in higher level zones.

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