Fishing botter with proof. Please ban already

Just watch the video and insta ban please.

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Hello @Tycarus! How are you today!

Thanks for sharing your concern to us!

I’m sorry you have to face situations like these. Please fill in a ticket here: Report a Player or Company - Support | Amazon Games and the team in charge of reports will take care of it as soon as possible.

Have a nice day! Take care! :grin:


Ill also leave the instructions so you can report it with the in game option!

To report a player or company in-game:

  1. Hover over the offending message and then click Report

. 2. Select a reason for the report, provide a description of the violation, and then click Submit.
To report a player or company in-game, outside of chat:

  1. Press O to bring up the Social menu and then search for the player by name.

  2. Mouse over the player and then click Report.

  3. Select a reason for the report, provide a description of the violation, and then click Submit.

Thank you again for helping us keep the community clean! :star:

Me and my friends reported him over a hundred times. You need more people reviewing these reports.

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Hello @Tycarus ,

Hope you’re doing well!!

First and foremost thank you for bringing this issue to our attention, this is not what we intend our players to do.

And as you mentioned before that you and your friend have already reported the player and since the report was already submitted by you, so you need not to worry as each and every reviews are manually checked by our moderators and penalties if needed are then applied accordingly.

Hence, I request you to wait for sometime for our moderators to check on this and act accordingly.

Thank you for your patience!!

See you soon in Aeternum!! :woman_mage: :magic_wand:

When did it become a player’s business to report robots?

I mean it’s just unacceptable that some bots get reported as early as when they are level 20 and then they still roam around when they are level 60 from JUST experience from gathering… almost nobody is playing anymore and you still can’t handle the amount of reports. Why don’t you guys make an open PvP server so we can just kill all these bots

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after merging the server, I reported 3 bots at level 42. I vote for them almost every time I remember because I have them in the block list. Yesterday, everyone reached level 60

you really stand behind it???

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I mean if people get frustrated enough to make video proof you community managers should have the option to ban these pricks as well. I mean the video says enough.

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I think @ASHISH @Baselard and @Giorno are also bots… Sorry m8 they even do not hire real people in customer support.

@Luxendra is there any customer service manager where I can report complain about dramatic customer service service level? Because this starting to be ridiculous.

You could then also say, when did it become peoples business to report a crime, or a house on fire, should just have more cops and fire trucks on the street so they can do it them self…

I also have reported several, and I still see them online, I just made a habit of putting them on ignore list, you can then still see if they are online.

But yeah, its annoying to report some one, and then just to see them days after still at it, but if it is like Blizzard they just do a ban wave every 3-6 month, that gives the poor botters enough time to farm what ever they do, and sell the stuff for coins/gold, and have a nice profit of like 95%+ (selling the coins/gold for real money) after they rebought the game when they finally got banned.

@Tycarus @Tantael Come one, a video alone should not be enough, they need to look into the logs.
And you ever seen a fake person :smiley: ? It is like when you buy a product, and it says ALL NATURAL, fork sake every thing is natural, put a rock in a bread, it is still 100% natural…

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