Fishing Broken and Not Listed in Bug Megathread or Acknowledged by AGS

Hi! I love fishing. But at lot of late game fishing is literally broken.

  • Legendary fish of 4 regions (Restless Shore, Mourningdale, Weavers Fen, Edengrove) reference an ultimate fishing trophy, but do not make any such trophy appear in the Workshop crafting list (so they’re useless)
  • Mandje Mandje is [assumedly] supposed to be used for the Blackened Mandje Mandje with Succotash etc recipe, but the recipe uses Lava Barb instead. Mandje Mandje is useless, and even if that’s fixed, Lava Barb will then be useless (so that’s a 5 useless Legendary)
  • T3 aptitude chests (that are supposed to be received when completing a full circle of 200+ level aptitude) are not appearing in people’s inventory (reported in other bug threads)
  • AGS hasn’t acknowledged these issues at all, and they’re not in the bug report megathread

Could you please fix, or acknowledge they’re on your radar? These aren’t game improvement suggestions, their literal bugs, and a ton of people have been reporting the Legendary FIsh bugs since launch. Fishing is really relaxing for many but we can’t enjoy it to its full potential. Thank you

To get the housing decoration you need to salvage it

The fish that reference an “Ultimate fishing trophy” cannot be salvaged

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