Fishing bugs/crashes

Sigurd Gunnarson
Variety of bugs and crashes related to fishing;

  • The casting casting animation sometimes does not have a distance meter
  • The casting animation sometimes locks
  • The reeling animation sometimes locks
  • Reeling is unresponsive and line snaps
  • Reeling bar will fill up and then will become an infinite reel animation
  • Crashing sometimes when catching fish
  • Crashing when typing in global chat whilst fishing
  • New bug whilst typing this, no login ticket until game is closed and reopened
    Couldn’t fish and inevitably could not play as the game would crash
    No, still crashing after verifying files on steam
    Unsure how to recreate these issues other than coming to the rare fishing hotspot SE of Noblereach in the Cascade Harbour of Windsward.
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im experiencing this as well, hope they fix it asap, cant even fish properly…

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Fixing fishing does not seem like a priority. About 1/4 of the fisherman are crashing when fishing in or around hotspots.

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