Fishing changes - Oil Salvage

I noticed the changes to fishing re: being kicked for being afk… that’s a bug I guess.
But I’ve also noticed that when salvaging fish you get almost no fish oil at all now, having discussed this with other fisher folk on my server I found that everyone is seeing the same issue.

I was wondering if it would benefit much to respec to pure focus for the small bonus to fishing and salvaging or if there are any other ways of buffing the fishing kill or salvage skill… prior to patch 03 I used to get maybe 10 fish oil for every 30 fish roughly salvaged, now after patch 05… I get none at all. Salvaging 20 oily fish. I get the firm fish, the tender fish etc… but almost no oil, last time I went fishing I got 5 oil from 10 fish…

It is too RNG… it needs to be something like 1:4… 1 oil for every 4 meat… instead of leaving the game to assign so many random rng elements it’s time to balance it properly.

New World the Grind Fest I did not sign up for. Please Balance the game properly.

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