Fishing disconnected from other professions

I spent couple of weeks to get 200 lvl fishing and would like to share my feedback. There would be couple of points written:

  1. After certain level there is no profit of getting treasure chests from fishing.

Last time I only took them to create gem dust and acquire more jewelry profession. Literally.
Opened about 700 treasure chests and got following:

  • About 70 T4 raw stones;
  • About 5 T5 stones;
  • Plenty of Silver/Gold/Platinum Ingots which does not worth a lot considering other profit avenues.

Compared to even Platinum Veins it just nonsence.

No items, no gold, no corrupted parts.
With upcoming updates which would nerf Jevelry from Gemstone dust (T2/T3) I literally see no reason to catch Treasure Chests. Like there should be some T3/T4/T5 instead of just T3 chests maybe, dunno.

  1. Overall, fishing seems to be disconnected from other professions. Catching Legendary fish to craft +40 skill food just overexpensive vs. +30 skill food. Apart of oysters there is very little reason to do fishing in general.

Like it’s not connected with any other profession rather than cooking/arcana. Moreover arcana impacted until tier 3 or 4 which does not make it very useful.
Catching Legendary fish to craft food is nearly impossible as it’s located in low-leveled areas with too little amount of Secret Hotspots and lot of players inside. High level areas legengdary fish is used for… nothing?

Overall got too many efforts to become upset at the end. Sad.


i think fishing loot is heavily nerfed because it’s the single most easily “bottable” thing to do in the game so i doubt they will be buffing it much, from my point of view every profession doesn’t seem to be worth the grind in the end as oppose to just doing pve content and more like of a side content for people that want things to do, specially as they buff expeditions

When it comes to gold, I beg to differ. At least on my server, you can fish for an hour, then turn fish oil into cooking oil or sell as is, sell fish meat of all types, gems, ingots, pearls and get an equivalent of one hour earnings of any other gathering profession. It’s not much but it brings variety. As to “disconnected” point, it purely depends on where you fish. You can choose to fish Halibut or Restless Shores fish for health potions, those sell quickly. You can cook +30 dexterity food from oyster. +30 other stats from fish meat. There’s too much to count but it is closely connected to cooking, alchemy and jewelcrafting.
Now, if you’re disappointed in chests contents, yes that had to be nerfed because of certain players who used bot programs.

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I believe fishing was introduced recently and only after the other trade skills were basically finished in implementation.

Thanks for the feedback. I do feel to agree with you up to the point T2 spots respawns every 30-45 minutes and T3 every 60-90 minutes. Less likely you can count on stable gathering with such respawn rates.
It’s closely connected to cooking, somewhat to Alchemy and barely with Jewelcrafting considering latest patch. T3 Treasure Chests do not drop Orcichalcum Ingots or Asmodeum. No one is going to buy +40 food legendary fish for more than 150 gold, trust me. Compared to mining it’s just close to nothing.
I don’t intend to say there are problems with gold. I intend to say there are issues with Treasure Chests and Fishing being disconnected from other professions apart of Cooking.

Yeah. I agree. But with other gathering professions you might build some sets or weapon/armor. With Fishing you can’t build anything. Maybe if legendary fish adds +60 skill, not +40 it would make sense to craft such food, but otherwise quite useless.
A lot of people getting potions from Azoth water or elites/dungeons.

I have a route that includes 7 hotspots, it’s quite a bit of running but what profession doesn’t do that? Hotspots can be depleted by other players, same with nodes in other professions.
At the end of the day, if you fuse the gems you get from the chests, you end up with 6-7 good pristine gems, how is it not doing anything for jewelcrafting? what about pearl rings, amulets and earings with double luck 0.5 + 2.7 that sell for thousands?
I don’t want to say there are not problems here, fishing feels unrewarding sometimes when you can’t find a full hotspot but the problems you described are far from the truth, sorry to be blunt.

are you kidding me? Fusing requires a lot of motes! High level motes requires enormous amount of money (apart of those are dropped, which are few)

what about pearl rings, amulets and earings with double luck 0.5 + 2.7 that sell for thousands?

seems we live in different worlds. Barely can sell those for 800-900.

but the problems you described are far from the truth, sorry to be blunt.

Thanks for your opinion. Good that those are opinions, and would be better if you show some stats compared to bold impressions.

So, you’re saying you do craft pearl rings and try to sell them? You just lied in your original post about it being disconnected from jewelcrafting then.

You probably have missed that part of original message. But it’s fine.

You just lied in your original post about it being disconnected from jewelcrafting then.

could you point me to exact words, please?

“it’s not connected with any other profession rather than cooking/arcana”

I agree about the chests. I’ve got about 150 chests in storage waiting for them to be worthwhile to open (hopefully eventually they will).

I think the connection was good, but after nerfing experience of putting T1/T2 gems into gemstones (which is 80% of all chests), the connection became bare. It’s hard to just do jewelry with purely oysters. I think one pristine amulet give 2000 experience and you need ~15 per level. So it becomes what, 15 * 50 = 750 Pristine Pearls to get 150-200?
Like previously I could have gotten 2-3 levels from 100 chests by putting T1/T2 to gemstone dust. Pristine/Brilliant Pearls were not the primary way to skill jewelry for me.

I agree with everything the author wrote.
I dont understand If you want to stop the bots you can block them with anti cheat program or other methods, not by nerfing the fishing.
Whose idea was it to remove the gold from the treasure chests and not even write it on the patchnotes?
I spent about 40-50 hours to make my fishing level 200 but for what? “Nothing”

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I hear you. Fishing is not rewarding in comparison with what it was before. But also before, people (and bots) got 12k-14k gold purely by fishing in restless shore and opening chests. You can’t put unrefined valuable materials/gold into fishing. Something you can craft with, yes, but not like it was before. THAT was disconnected from any crafts, because you just right clicked it if it wasn’t a chest and cast again. Now, it’s materials you use in cooking, arcana and jewelcrafting.

Right. I think we’re coming to the common point that bots are nerfing the rewardability for fishing in general and in particular.
So it would be get rid of bots somehow and increase rewardability or connection with other professions. Like why mining is connected to every profession (Arcana - Life Staff/Fire Staff, Armoring, Weaponsmithing, Jewelring (orichalcum/asmodeum), Stonecutting (via gems from Platinum/Orachicalcum Veins), but fishing just to cooking (easy to get) and barely to Alchemy/Jewelry?

I agree with this 100 percent. You do not nerf the fishing because of bots! You remove the bots! They are amazingly lazy at bot removal from the game. Some are even wondering if the bots are owned and operated by AGS!

Fishing is also the only gathering activity that does not return any Azoth but require the use of it to get around.

Fishing gear should be craftable maybe by fisherman? I salvaged my pants by accident and they will not restore items in the game and the boss that drops the vengeful pants has been bugged so there are none available.

It feels like fishing was an after thought. There should be more uses for all the different kinds of fish, if not why did they bother to create all the variety?

Totally agree. reaching level 200 just gives nothing. There is no “legendary fish oil” which is required to craft Voidbent set, but you need everything else apart of fishing. Sad profession.

Why not? Do you think the devs envisioned entire servers doing elite chest runs every night with nearly zero risk to those running them? The rewards for those runs are far more than fishing. The legendary drops are worth 40 to 60k.

Stop forcing people to play the game specific ways.

it is ok to cheese elite chests which were supposed to be very hard but not get some gold in a treasure chest? Please.

Liked, simply out of respect for the lv 200 fishing grind.


Fish & Cooking:

  1. Using legendary fish for mere multi-hour food buffs is NOT WORTH IT.
  2. Recipes that use legendary fish should either have Increased attribute buffs or extended buff durations (i.e. 12 or even 24 hours.). Like, they’re LEGENDARY FISH FFS!

Chests & Jewelcrafting:

  1. Gold/Platinum ingots are absolutely useless because everyone uses silver to level up jewelcrafting and production swaps over from platinum to orichalcum at 150 jewelcrafting.
  2. Recommend swapping out ingots with vouchers for % off house taxes or % off azoth travel. Y’know… Something actually useful!