Fishing GPU dumps & game crash

Kamakaze, Server: Ferri.
I am experiencing GPU load dumps from about 70ish percent usage to about 40 and even drops to zero percent at times.

During fishing animations, most frequently retrieving the fish from the water, at “Broad Fishing Hotspot” the game will temporarily freeze. I will still hear ambient sounds and music coming from the game most often this would last for about. 10-20 seconds.
And after about a two minute GPU dump the game resumes followed by a: “Lag Detected” and I’m disconnected to a 747 queue.

I am running an Nvidia RTX 3080, MSI Ventus 3X OC with driver 472.12 and used DDU to install.

During the final game crash I was running graphics settings on low with FPS capped at 60. All temps on CPU/GPU were normal.

During normal play I do notice flickering textures at times but nothing like this.


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