Fishing - ideas and player feedback for changes or improvements

After having discussions with global chat and company members as well as viewers on my twitch stream.

There has been some feedback provided on how fishing could be improved to make use of the skill once you are past level 100 fishing skill. As currently there doesn’t really appear to be any benefit to raising your skill past 101 (legendary fishing rod quest) apart from discovering new hot spots

first change make treasures chests relevant to the skill level ie under 50 skill no chance of a treasure chest, drop, then skill level 51 to 100 (low chance of T3 treasure chest drop, level 101 to 150 improved chance of T3 chest drop, 151 to 175 chance at T4 treasure chest , 190 skill small chance at legendary treasure chest, and max 200 skill improved chance at legendary treasure chest drop

These suggestions will make fishing more attractive to do and be more rewarding for the time required to raise the skill levels accordingly and more fun

125 Fishing skill level

slightly improved chance of legendary fish outside 3* hotspots than the current chance level

150 Fishing Skill Level
from level 150 fishing skill onwards there can be a soloable boss that just randomly spawns on you while fishing not seriously hard to kill, but could be a great tool to stop bots , from the standard step one left step one right fishing cast etc macroing they do

new treasure chests (new T4) for level 150 skill - improve the loot that comes in the current treasure chests), ie instead iron/steel/silver/gold ingots maybe a chance at a couple of star metal ingots or an orichalcum ore instead, or even new fishing crafting materials

175 Fishing Skill Level

small chance at new legendary chest drop from rare 3 star hot spawns with improved loot

also a chance of obtaining a schematic that comes in a ‘message in a bottle’ fished up that can start a rare fishing quest line that ends in a pirate boss encounter (that can be soloed) the reward could be that after the defeat the pirate boss (or fishing lore related boss) an X marks the spot on the ground (that requires an equivalent level in mining skill to be able to dig up the chest , this also could provide a bonus reward item) such as a opal encrusted storage chest that has some fishing items needed to crafted new fishing related stuff), this will make people have to move around a bit and could be something to stop bots taking advantage of it

190 fishing Skill Level

chance of obtaining a schematic that comes in a message in a bottle fished up that can start a rare fishing boss encounter (that can be soloed)

200 Skill level

put gold back in treasure chests for max level fisherman, maybe like 10 gold instead of 50 gold like before where the bots were using this as a cash cow, maybe add small azoth vials or azoth water

have an improved chance for a legendary chest that only drops from legendary fishing spots that spawn randomly around the maps that only spawns once every 3 hours in each map location

suggested rewards from legendary chests (T5)

  • schematics for housing items
  • schematics for gear or jewelry that only drops from these chests
  • mats needed for above items
  • small chance of rare mats or schematics that drop from bosses or chest runs in high level areas that crafters often can’t access because they are not skilled or geared enough to do
  • small chance at a Void Ingot, Runic leather, Phoenix weave, Glistening ebony etc item dropping
  • chance to start a quest line that leads to the summoning of a legendary boss (need 3-5 to be able fight it) from a legendary fishing hotpot, and you are only able to summon if you are at max fishing skill
    • random items for your house such as cushions,
    • paintings,
    • fishing wall mount schematics (where you need both fishing and woodworking skill at various levels depending on the level of the schematic)

how can being flagged for PVP help fishing, need some more discussions around this part?

Some additional points were raised in the discussions

  • also fishing luck food, has this been discussed at all
  • as well new fishing luck chance potions that can be applied to fishing rods of the equivalent standard

i.e. weak for starter rods etc

  1. Legendary fishing luck is needed to apply luck to legendary fishing rods etc

  2. Or each potion that is applied has a specific level of luck similar to the way weak proficiency potions work on a character, except the fishing luck chance potion only applies to the rod, since weak proficiency potions don’t currently have any intended purpose when doing fishing, since quantities don’t apply with fishing, apart from chests, all fish caught are caught one at a time

Either of these could work

also consider adding crafting gypsum to T4 and above chests, dont add it to T3 or below

Most of the points raised here shouldn’t require a lot of work


These are all great points,

As it is. I feel one of the only reasons to carry out your fishing skill to lev 200 is for bragging rights, very few folks have bothered taken it that far. With the bonuses you have provided for fishing would surely add the incentive to keep at it. :grinning:

If gold were to be released back into the chest received from Fishing, I would only hope that the chest chance from the lucky fishing spots, is reduced. On some days I’ve caught 3 chest back to back in a row, with no additional fishing perks while doing so…

OK @Maz_Avron i’ve modified my post slight to include some additional feedback i’ve just received

I’d also say add swimming at level 75 fishing skill - consumes stamina to swim. No stamina recovery during swimming until character is out of deep water.

Level 100 fishing - Stamina consumption from swimming is now halved. Player can now craft small sail boat. Durability of sail boat decreases over time in oceans or rivers. Total durability time of boat depends on Gear score. 100 Gear score boat lasts for 5 minutes, while 600 gear score boat lasts for up to 30 minutes. Perks can also increase boat voyage at sea times. Boat can only be repaired between once and 3 times while on water, depending on tier and perks. Repair of the boat requires relevant tier repair tools.

Fishing level 160. Player can now hire a sail boat which is armed with a front and rear cannon.
These boats will be used to hunt the rare legendary creature known as the Kraken. These sail boats will have a 1 hour voyage time. They will also send you to a specific designation area similar to that of expeditions(solo capable). The Kraken will appear at 3 different locations and have 3 different level sets. Each locked to a set level based on location. The levels will be as follows: Level 43, 52 and 61. Upon completion, player will be rewarded with a chest containing fishery based items, such as oceanic fish, common to rare jewellery craft refinement materials. Tuning craft materials such as elemental hearts (rare drops). As well as 1 weapon/piece of armour. The chest will also drop a varying amount of coin based on level of Kraken challenged.
The Kraken at highest level may also drop a legendary bow schematic, with a base rarity chance rate of 0.4% as well as a legendary Void Gauntlet schematic with a base drop chance rate of 0.3%. These items will appear on the fishing broadside net of the sail boat.
Once kraken is defeated, a player will have the choice of fishing the waters, or return to the pier.
The kraken will host a good amount of health, but not so great of a damage value that a player would be unable to solo it. Depending on number of players in the fishing area, depends on the amount of time the kraken can be taken down.

Obviously there are some flaws to my kraken idea but I do believe it would be a great starting point.

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could make it that gold only drops from the rare drop chance legendary chests and still only like 5-10 gold not 50

now to throw it out there, for down the track maybe there could be pvp team boat ocean wars , players have to man cannons etc and shoot at each other (dps), someone has to steer the ship and so on, maybe even have some people using buckets to stop the ship sinking by emptying the water over the side

How about not getting marked as AFK while fishing?


Then the bots would out level you :stuck_out_tongue:

Add a “daily” crafting gypsum to the Treasure Chests (like just the first Treasure Chest you catch and resets in 18 hours or so) for Fishing 200+ (and improving your aptitude, too).


Use the annoying casting distance increases to make some hotspots out of range for anyone with less then a max ranged legendary pole. You have to get max range to hit the hotspot… any less and you miss… any closer (cause you dont have the range) and you drown

This makes you HAVE to be 200 fishing and have finished the quests to get the legendary pole.
These superhotspots can have the upgraded rewards

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You mean, they forget a “move” every for example 20 throws? They are a$$000, but not dumb.

any chance the game devs can take a look at this post?

The developers are completely incompetent, the reporting system does not work completely, the bots have been alive for two months.
English is not my first language, so it may contain errors, sorry.

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