Fishing Improvements

I am one of those players that love to do things others don’t, namely, Fishing. I have had multiple interactions with other players stating “I don’t have the patience for fishing” or “Fishing is just too boring with little reward.” I understand where they are coming from, but I love it. For me, it is relaxing and passes the time.

With that said, I have some ideas on how to improve the desire to fish.

  1. First and foremost, make all of the Legendary fish viable. Either add them to recipes, or allow a furnisher to turn them into housing decorations. But at the very least, make them salvageable for filets.

  2. While I love fishing up treasure chest for gems and ingots, they just aren’t filled with with the best loot. Maybe reduce the chance of catching them and add gold, fishing gear, fishing poles or weapons. I find it hard to believe that whoever lost those chests only ever put gems and ingots in them. :blush:

  3. As far as basic fishing goes, what if you added random stuff to fish up. Now I hate to refer to old games, but Ultima Online did fishing right. You could catch soggy boots, paintings, broken furniture, fish bones, chests, and if your skill is high enough; S.O.S. bottles, Treasure Maps, & Fishing Nets (discussed later).

    a. S.O.S. bottles were random items you could fish up that had various levels of Treasure Maps with hidden treasure scattered across the world. You had to have the mining skill to dig them up and depending on the level various monsters of the appropriate level would spawn to protect the treasure. If you were able to survive the onslaught, you could finally open the chest (with Lockpicking) and gather your loot. The loot ranged from: Weapons, Armor, Housing Decor, Gems, Gold, Reagents, etc.

    b. Treasure Maps were similar to S.O.S. bottles except that they were usually found inside chests you fished up.

    c. Fishing Nets we’re a rare item that you could fish up and later use in deep water to have a better chance of finding treasure chests, but you also risked summoning a Kraken or worse, the Leviathan or Osiredon. Usually you need a group to defeat these beasts.

  4. There are very few desired items that are only obtained from Fishing. Obviously the fish filets and the few Legendary Fish used for recipes, but other than that, what?, maybe some stuff for Arcana. If something was added that only 200+ fishermen could obtain, more people might enjoy fishing in order to sell items on the Trading Post. Here are some of my ideas (not mentioned above):
    Chests used for housing storage/decoration
    Fishing Gear skins
    Golden Fishing Rod
    Special Bait
    Singing Fish House Decoration
    More to follow

  5. Make ALL Rare and Legendary Fish Taxidermiable (is that a word) for house decoration.

Now I am not saying I want this game to turn into Ultima Online, but I would love to see some additions to fishing that fit into the world of Aeternum, these are just some of things that have crossed my mind while fishing. By the way, I have raised 2 characters to 200+ fishing and working on a 3rd. I need those gems for Stonecutting & Jewelcraft.

The biggest downside I see with some of these additions is the increased number of BOTS. I see them all over, sitting at hotspots. My guess is that they just sell the gems & ingots. Regardless, they are extremely annoying.


Hi there Ripcord1509, thanks for the fantastic feedback on fishing, I will make sure to get it sent up to the Dev team so they can read through it. Have a great week!

You just nailed the “why” around why changes to add sellable valuables to the chests - or to fishing in general - is unlikely at this point. Sadly, all these cool things you propose for 200+ fishing would wind up being sold by bots and we would see bots (including real players running bot scripts…which angers at least as much as actual bots) parked at every 2 & 3 star hotspot on most servers.

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Yeah, it would be nice if the hotspots changed locations, or changed what level they were each time they “respawn”. I’ve seen other games change spawn locations so you can’t just sit at one location all the time.

One of the issues with that one is that we specifically unlock hidden hotspots as we level, I sure as hell don’t want to have to start running around looking to see where those hotspots I finally unlocked at 200 went to. :slight_smile:

Understandable. But neither would the Bots :slight_smile: I would rather have hotspots change level or location, than deal with bots, but that’s just me.

If it’s a choice between me and the bots I’m choosing me every time. At one point I would have felt like you and been more than willing to inconvenience myself as long as it inconvenienced them - but not any longer.

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Easy fix would be to make items fished up BOP.

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Yea, no.

I have an idea for a fishing improvement.

How about you don’t temp ban real people for fishing a lot?

Just a thought.

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COFFEE!! Lets go!

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Also get the unban for Coffe, we are racing to aptitude 500. If they think he is cheating get in touch. I know he isnt as far as i can tell

My temp ban wore off, but after the terrible appeal process I’ve just decided to give up fishing. I’m not dealing with that stupid BS again. They deserve a prize for worst customer service ever.

How dare they do that

I haven’t been reported once while fishing but always fish while i am flagged.

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