Fishing Is so bored!

Hi , I love fishing in the new world. I remind me of the excitement fishing in real life.
However, I find the content is not rewarding to skill up as others skill as it could not bring added value to other skill tree.

As the demand for the fish is only for the “fillet” while there many kind of fish introduce to the game but non much being used and with the new update it become less. As the usage of the component for arcana can be replace with low tier mats. Hence the actual mats for the fish is useless at the market.

Plus the reward from the treasure box is not rewarding as it could not only gave jewelry mats most of them time. which i find less attractive and most of the time useless for other fisher enthusiast to keep on fishing beside gathering pearl.

Hope to see more content on this as i believe there is a lot of place to improve in the game content.

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