Fishing Luck seem broke?

Hm good post.
Idk tho. Not a fisher.

I must say as someone who has the absolute best luck in fishing. Fishing chances are definitely bad. None of it works.

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you can remove the word luck from the title mate, there is alot of broken things with fishing.

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Fishing was never truly finished since release, and fishing is by far the most necessarily complex gathering skill, and the aptitude chests are horrible.

But the luck, this is broken, so if they can at least fix this for the first step, that would be great.

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Luck can’t be broken, it would have to had worked first to get broken. They can’t explain luck, how it works or what it does without running in circles and making you more confused after they talk.

Not 1 dev has ever come out and say “this is luck, how it works and how it doesn’t”. They won’t give you ANY way to see your luck %, if more helps or hurts or how loot works exactly. This goes for crafting luck, loot luck, harvesting luck, refining or any luck based programming in the game.

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Not sure if you’ve read this but they did explain luck. Don’t think it makes it any better though.

@ReadyPlayer This doesn’t address fishing luck that I can tell. It covers global luck and gathering luck in the scope of logs/mines/harvests/skins. Fishing luck includes a mechanism for day luck and night luck.

Players have shown data that points out that only the first major trophy counts, and that others do not count. Given existing noticeable bugs with major trophies, like cooking that adds +30% proc chance for the first two, and +29% for the third one, this is within the realm of reason.

In my experience, where before I would find 1-2 legendaries per secret fishing spot, now I find that 1 in 5 times at the same fishing spot, do I get a legendary. Given the slow respawn times of a secret fishing spot, this means it will take 5 hours roughly to fetch a lava barb from SM.

For opportunity cost, for such activity of fishing on my server, a lavabarb goes for 1K gold coin, so that is worth 200 gold per hour should I get a single fish. In contrast, orichalcum goes for 5 gold per ore, and given that I can mine ~300 of these per hour, this means I can get 7500 for the same amount of time.

This means I lose a 6500 gold coin opportunity to do fishing for a single fish.

End result is due to broken fishing luck, the best way to get desired fish is from the Trading Post and pray that bots or others put it on the market.


Yeah I just started fishing, to get oysters and albenja for recipes. And feels like crafting, which I’ve given up, after getting to 200.

Fool me once…

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I seem to be doing fine with fishing, but I have minor fishing trophies. Try switching to minor trophies and see how it works. They are very inexpensive.

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I’ve done better running less luck. When I fish, I don’t want treasure chests…I want fish…better fish.

How much did you spend?

How much did who spend on what?

I wonder if there’s a bug then, before there was a bug when people had too much mining luck, it would push the void ore off the table, or something to this effect.

It did seem to change for the worse a few months ago, as said you could always bank on a legendary at some point in the day whereas now it’s so bad I don’t even bother fishing, you can make more money picking up rocks from the beach.

As for the aptitude boxes what the hell, some old smelly bait, a few stones etc, when you see what you get from say Arcane aptitude crates compared to fishing it’s just unbelievable


I upgraded all of my fishing trophies this weekend to Basic from Minor.

Honestly, I haven’t noticed much of a difference…about the same catch rate for Legendary Fish as I had before, which is what I was shooting for.

I supposed I should have tested without all of my fishing gear…I have a full set of fishing gear with Lucky Waters, and the Legendary fishing pole, so maybe the bonuses for all that stuff sort of outweighs whatever is going on with the trophies.

I like the look of the new trophies, though, so I’m keeping them.

It’s all rng based. Had a friend claim they scored 5 legendary fish from levels 1-60.

I am now 125 with only two legendary fish to my name. We are both only 4 piece lucky waters III. It’s just all luck.

When I was lower level (doing the FIshing quests), I could get legendaries (Abaia Serpes specifically) here and there. At 170 - 194 (current level) with all the fishing gear, all I get now are treasure chests. It’s kind of annoying… I just want the fish.

That doesnt work. Fishing trophies don’t stack, use one major, a basic and a minor to get the most out of it.

:laughing: Here you go. We’ve been talking about the broken parts of fishing since october. lol


tldr from his response

trophies have a max stack of 1. to get optimal luck from trophies. have 1 house with a t4, 1 house with a t3, and 1 house with a t2.

This is only fishing. for all other trophies. max them out