Fishing quest bugged?

So I have 100+ Fishing skill…


Which the quest requires !

Yet the NPC ignores me…

Another of your bugs, Amazon ?
I’ve been very patient, but this is getting really old…

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Well, I took… no, I wasted (because fishing there is inefficient) the time fishing for 1 more point near the NPC just to be sure, and miracle ! Now he wants to talk to me !
So apparently, one of your INEPT content designer doesn’t know the difference between > and >=.
Is there a part of your game that you can design without bugs (beside the fantastic graphics and sound) ?

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Believe it or not, but Amazon cannot count. It says level 100, but you need to be level 101 to complete the quest.

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You have to be 101. I just completed this the other day.

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Sorry to hear about the whole ordeal with the fishing level for the quest.

Just writing to let you know I am going to file a bug report for this to make sure it’s got eyes on, since you found the workaround for it.

If you’d like to give it more visibility, you can also use the in-game feedback tool to send a report:

Press Esc, select Game Menu, and then Submit Feedback.

I finish that quest, just reach 101 fishing lvl and you good.

It’s more like a display problem, or indeed some developer who confused > and >=.
I guess the code line is like “fishingSkill > 100” when it should be “fishingSkill >= 100”.

You may just want to fix it a way or another, like either say it requires 101 fishing or change the > to >= :wink:

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