Fishing Quest - To Be a Grandmaster. No credit for 100 fishing

For the fishing questline that has you turn in at Reekwater ‘To Be a Grandmaster’ upon reaching 100 fishing skill the quest does not recognize the 100 skill and I am unable to turn in the quest? Why is this? Can I fix it if I had missed something? If not can I get some help.

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Yeah it’s a bit misleading, it will work when you get 101 in fishing.

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I can confirm, same Problem (i guess someone put the level index to 100 but the program starts counting at 0 tss common programming error :wink: )

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Bump because this should be on the list to be fixed already. I just ran into this problem hitting 100 fishing getting out of an outpost rush I just lost and am at the brink of rage quitting.

just fish to 101, the condition is 101 to complete.
Nevertheless i guess many people will rather rage quit than continue to fish to 101 :smiley:

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