Fishing questions

When you find a fishing spot:

  • Does the bait have to go into the fish circle?


  • Does your character have to be near the fish circle and throw the rod far away?

When you start fishing “F3” you will have a small box turn up - pressing “R” will opn the bait box – click on the relevant bait you want to use and click on the “attach bait” or whatever button it is called (bottom right).

To fish in a fishing pool your position doesn’t matter. All that matter is where the hook ends up – if you successfully cast into the fishing pool you will get a message saying “landed in a hotspot” or something along those lines – if you didn’t get the message then you landed outside the pool. Casting strength doesn’t matter - so you can be close or further away as long as you land in the pool.

Bait is automatically applied with each cast if you have selected it, untill all that type of bait has run out or you stop fishing. If you stop fishing i.e. are no longer in fishing mode, you will need to re-apply bait.


There needs to be an indication if bait is working correctly… for example, I’m not sure if the body of water I’m casting in is fresh or salt… Like a swamp

Hi, it does. there is a message something like “please make sure you are using the correct bait for the area you are fishing in”, but the message only appears after you cast, if it’s wrong it’ll tell you when you can’t fish, basically the fish never bite and the animation stops.

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Good to know thanks! I’ve never seen that so I guess I’m good. I was reading that swamps are considered saltwater but I guess that’s incorrect :slight_smile:

If you can collect it for crafting, it’s fresh water. Rule of thumb :slight_smile:

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