Fishing Sucks Right Now

All I have to say: Fishing is really awful, the items you get are hardly valuable, except the legendary ones, but even with a full luck set and three major trophies the chances to get one of those is exceptionally low. Especially since in some regions there is a seriously small amount of hotspots, there needs to be three times as many fishing hotspots! Some regions don’t even have 3 star hotspots like first light! What gives?

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sono d’accordo, anche a pescare gli scrigni nonostante siano rari; all’interno le gemme ce ne sono molto poche di livello 5

Fishing has sucked since they removed gold from treasure chests.

Then it sucked more when fishing trophies were not cumulative.

Now it just sucks a little bit more.

Wait what, fishing trophies aren’t cumlative???

True , fishing needs some love. Rework treasure boxes . AGS move of making the whole trade skill useless in the name of fighting bots was maybe ok as immediate solution , but gota think of something better now. The trade skill feels soooo unrewarding , the aptitude caches there are useless too .

Mmos cant get fishing right ever . they took out gold which was fun . to combat bots .
there is more bots then ever now

They just need to do a better job at combatting bot accounts by banning them, afterall, if the botters keep buying new accounts to keep botting its just more free income for the developers.

they dont have to ban them . just force pvp on always on bots , and make the bots full loot pvp.

and we got a bunch of loot goblins we can hunt down . make it fun for us .
make it suck for bots

then legitimate fisherfolk get flagged as bot’s for doing what they enjoy doing which is what happened in th early day’s. Fishing loot needs fixing, Fishing Luck needs to actually work and aptitude chests need working on as getting bait as a reward is pretty lame. The loot pool needs to be expanded getting treasure chests is so anticlimactic “ooo i got 1 silver bar a platinum bar and a carnelian woo”

The solution would actually not be that difficult. If you look at the map you will always see a 6 corner field around the Fisherspot. If the Hotspot would respawn dynamically in water in this hexagon field they would already have the solution against the bots.

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