Fishing - The Broken Profession

EDITED 5/29/22
Latest News:

Fishing trophies work now! :partying_face:

Mandje Mandje still has a tool-tip about being used for “powerfully enhancing food”, despite it being replaced by the Lava Barb in the altered Blackened Lava Barb with Corn Succotash recipe. There is no longer a Blackened Mandje Mandje with Corn Succotash recipe.

Current Issues:

  • The Ultimate Fishing Trophy referenced by several legendary fish doesn’t exist.
  • The fish which are part of that trophy are useless (only usable as Raw Foods.)
  • Mandje Mandje and Lava Barb tool-tips need to be swapped.
  • The attribute bonuses still need to be swapped for the recipes Roasted Rabbit with Seasoned Vegetables and Blackened Ray-Finned Barb with Fondant Potatoes and Barley.
  • Gear Score means nothing on a fishing pole.

Thank you very much to all of you for contributing to this research!


  • Fishing trophies now function!
  • The third fishing aptitude caches are now being awarded!
  • Blackened Mandje Mandje with Corn Succotash has been renamed Blackened Lava Barb with Corn Succotash.
  • Hooks no longer need to be re-baited after each cast!
  • Madtoms can now be salvaged!

The following issues have been communicated to the game team. We received confirmation of this on Nov. 21 2021. Big thank you to ApricotScarf!

I am tracking fish information here.
I reported these fish issues here.
Fishing luck is explained here.

Original post:

What is it’s exact name? Can it really be crafted? Is it just a myth?

The description for the legendary fish Aquanaja, Blue-winged Serpe, Glowing Guardfish, Horned-Tooth Mandje, & Lava Barb all say, “A very rare, legendary creature of the sea. Can be used in combination with other legendary fish to create the ultimate fishing trophy.

None of those fish seem to be required as ingredients for the basic or major fishing trophy upgrades and the minor fishing trophy doesn’t require any fish at all. The fish above cannot be salvaged into taxidermied variants for furnishing homes. Basic and major fishing trophy upgrades use taxidermied Blue-blooded Barb and Daemonaja respectively.

As one of the Fishing Legends of Aukumea, I must learn the means to creating “the ultimate fishing trophy”, but I can’t find any information on it so far. Does anyone have any further insight on this?


If you salvage those fish, a strange looking wall mounted fish appears in your inventory (a nice decoration on itself), that is the mythical item needed to craft the fishing trophy. If you have it in your possession, the trophy recipe will appear in the workshop crafting bench. The basic trophy, needs the blue-blooded barb drop and lvl 150 furnishing, while the major trophy needs the Deamonaja fish drop and lvl 200 furnishing. Beware, because the drops from salvaving are BOP, so make sure to give the whole fish to your designated furnisher. You can check for all crafting recipes.


As I mentioned, and show in this image, they cannot be salvaged into taxidermied versions.


apparently, that is the wrong fish, I have a friend who gave me the bleu-blooded barb, and the drop from that one can be used directly for the basic trophy. If the database is correct, then it will be the Deamonaja fish that gives the drop for the major trophy and not this fancy looking fella. Maybe this one is also needed, i’m not sure, but I would suggest finding the deamonaja to get the drop and unlock the recipe.

I think you have misunderstood my question. I understand how to craft the minor, basic, and major fishing trophies. You are correct that the Blue-blooded Bard and the Daemonaja are required to craft a minor trophy into a major trophy. I want to know about the trophy described in the image I posted above, “the ultimate fishing trophy”. The five fish I listed are all related to it. If you can find another fishing trophy in the database, please let me know, as I could not.


oow oke, you think there is another trophy. ill do some research, sorry I misunderstood :sweat_smile:

Yeah! I think so.
Cool, good luck with your research! I couldn’t even find anyone else asking about this yet. lol

*Other than one person yesterday in this thread.

have you tried to go to the workshop with all those fish in your inventory?

I don’t have them all yet, however, I went to the market to check the in-game item database and found nothing. If that sounds confusing, go to the market and search for trophy. You can see the full list of trophies, even if none are on the market yet, including their required crafting ingredients.

Yeah it’s indeed nowhere to be found, but, considering how the other trophies work, all those fish might be required ingredients to unlock this secret trophy in the crafting menu. That would be my last guess at least. So I would say, hunt them all down :smiley: and bring them to a workshop together to see what happens.

That’s my current goal. :slight_smile: Maybe the ultimate fishing trophy is BOP and not in the market database…

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Very well possible, keep me updated, tag me when you have given it a try. I have some company members who would like to know about this too. I hope you don’t need 200 furnishing for it though… it’s a pain to level eyk.

Will do. I’m betting 200 furnishing will be required. XD

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I have all the fish as of this morning and nothing shows up in the furnishing menu (im only level 105 furnishing but can’t see the in the unlearned section). I also can’t salvage any of them.


Thanks for the heads up!

So the search continues… ty for trying!

Maybe a recipe required that hasn’t been found or released yet? Or maybe just text that wasn’t checked against the reality of what’s in game lol

My bet is

and your fish is

I have exactly the same problem and i search for 1 week for a solution. I had all 4 fishes in inventory, went to a workshop and nothing new show up. I was thinking that u probably also need the major fishing trophy (which u get in combination with daemonaja) in the inventory. The problem is, for this u also need someone with furnishing level 200 and i couldnt find someone for now to craft me this one…so i actually stick with the basic trophy (blue-blooded barb)…

I am also interested if someone can figure out what is it about the ultimative trophy…

Cheers :slight_smile:

I got other legendary fish that had the same description as the Daemonaja. Can you craft trophies from them too or are they just house decorations?

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