Fishing Throttle

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Host Name: Krag Oversteen

Server/World: Seer

Event Name: Fishing Leaderboard

Time and Date: 0700 2/20/23

Event Description: Tradeskills

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I’m pretty sure catching Legendary Fish is being throttled atm. Can anyone link a screenshot of more than 14 legendary fish caught since the leaderboards were activated?

Lok through forums, there’s already a discussion on it and yes, by the looks from that discussion, you could get a LOT if you know where/what to use and have…the post is showing over 40 on one server and double on another

Max luck should yield you 2-3 legendaries per 3 star hotspot.

Fishing pole luck perks are broken right now (you should get 4 or so per hotspot)

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2-3 seems a bit high of an expectation, even with full trophies and full lucked up BiSherman gear. It’s usually 1… occasionally 2. Everything else will be Treasure Chests or Blues

Ah, you’re right, I just rechecked and now its about 1 in 20 (4.87%).

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