Fishing Tournaments!

I cant help but feel like there is a huge missed opportunity with weight of caught fish being in the game but no way to share the weight or what you catch with others…

Players could host big fishing tournaments for prizes like fishing gear or gold or whatever. Even just a couple friends fishing to see who can catch the most or biggest fish would be cool.

Could add a fishing chat option kind of like area chat that just spams what people catch, or a number of different things but i really think small changes like this that you guys already have most of the code worked out for could really help improve the quality of life of the game in general.

I’m sure this is something others have talked about in the past but I just really love fishing and would love hosting some fun tournaments like biggest fish caught or most large salmon or most legendary fish etc…

Please add something to let us have fishing tournaments as it would not be hard to do and if your reading this as a new world player please show your support below on this idea to maybe get this change into the game.

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This sounds like fun :slight_smile:

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