Fishing Treasure Chest Gold

Is Gold Coins as a reward ever going to be added back to fishing up Treasure chest to make it actually fun again? There is a trade skill basically no-one does much of because it’s pointless. Not many people have 200 fishing, some people flat out say its the only skill they will not get to 200.
I actually have 200 fishing but there is not much a reason to do it at this point, not many people need fish filet anymore, as most townboards have no quest for them.

The fun and rewarding aspect was removed because of bots, how about remove the bots not make the activity not rewarding at all.

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I wish they would remove the dang chests…I want fish when I fish…not low-end loot boxes. Put some dope new rods in those boxes and I might change my mind.

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Money for nothing, fish for free… you sound like a botter


And you sound like a great musician >.<

My idea to stimulate fishing is to add gypsum to the treasure chests as a way for solo players to get a better chance of getting some.

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