Fishing Treasure chests buff please

This has been nerfed since October and i think its time to bring back some small reward. 50g isn’t too much to ask. Umbrals for legendary fish? The current state of fishing and the quality of these chests just feel ignored.


I miss even thrown boots or swords. They were kinda useful XD.
It would be nice if schematics or recipes from chests or bottles, or scrolls giving a quest or an event.

could not agree more, AGS please improve fishing rewards!
You decided to punish players because you couldn’t fix the bots quickly enough, but now months later with most of the bots gone the players are still being punished! It’s not fair!

I hear you Twindude, I can understand where you’re coming from here. What amount of Umbrals do you think would be worth it for legendary fishing, but not too much or too little?

Well, OPR rewards Umbral Shards for its matches. 50 for the losing team and 100 for the winning team. Maybe it should give 50-100 shards per treasure chest caught in a hot spot if the player has 200 Fishing.

Umbrals would be nice but tbh any reward at all would be better than what we currently have.

Treasure chests are essentially worthless.

I guess if you’re on a populated server there’s a market for legendary fish but not on Eden.

When you skill up beyond 200 in fishing the rewards are, being generous here, lackluster. Bait, crafting trinket(s) that have nothing to do with fishing and an azoth vial? Even just adding fishing gear to them would be a step in the right direction.

Agreed that legendary fish are too rare to be worth the time and effort to catch them. So far, the average catch rate is one per hour of gameplay. That’s way, way too few for that amount of effort.

At least with Umbral Shards as a reward, they can’t be sold. So it doesn’t help the bots. The only one benefiting is the one who catches the Treasure Chest.

@Centeotl i think 50 Umbrals is fair but i want to bring this back to the treasure chests… It would be nice to get some money out of them even if it was a small amount ~40-60g.

Also i think there needs to be some fishing craft mods how great would that be. the aptitude chests generally suck right now.

Thanks everyone for the feedback, it seems like umbral shards are the most ideal reward for the time investment and for economy reasons. I’ll send all your feedback to the developers.

We want the rewards to have something to do with fishing! I don’t care about umbrals, I want the fishing chests and aptitude crates to be worth opening up instead of sitting in storage as dead weight. Bring back gold to chests!! Put literally anything worthwhile in aptitude crates! Stop shafting fishers! I feel like you’re not listening “it seems like umbral shards are the most ideal” WRONG!

Hello, umbrals being the most ideal was in response to the people in the thread who have suggested it, which is quite a few people.

What in specific would you like to see in the treasure chests? (I see you do want gold in the chests, but if there’s anything else you’d like to see, please let me know). I want to make sure your voice is heard too.

Craft mods for fishing poles (which currently are not in the game), Fishing gear, Maybe a small chance for a legendary fishing pole so we could have the chance to collect the other 3 that are not obtainable from the fishing quest line? Higher chance of pristine gems, orichalcum ingot, asmodeum. All these things synergize with current fishing reward flavor but actually give people a reason to open the chests.

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Perhaps one could replace the treasure chest with a treasure map(BOP).
follow the map to an area, and interact with a dirt mound.
still get the reward, just harder for a bot to exploit.

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Umbral shards don’t make a lot of sense for fishing rewards, unless they are from catching a legendary fish like OP suggested, it’s kind of a special event like crafting a legendary… My suggestion would be change the treasure chests to give mats/motes/gold/etc based on what lvl fishing area you are in. Level 1-50 areas could give treasure chests that contain iron ore/fiber/silver ore/rawhide/stone/green wood/motes (useful things for people at that level OR people that just want to farm those mats in a different way… usually the resources are too highly contested on 1k+ population servers) 50-100 can be the next level - same drops as first + gold ore/wisps, anything else 2nd level crafting or just make it 1-100 and include all that low stuff. 100-150 could be starmetal ore/silk/platinum/lodestone/wyrdwood/essence etc. 150-200 4th level like ori ore/wirefiber/ironwood/iron hide/quintessence. This way it would synergize with the other crafting and gathering skills a little better and provide more freedom to the players. Aptitude chests could drop fishing gear along with legendary/epic fishing poles, cosmetic fishing stuff, housing items related to fishing, fishing trophy pieces, top level mats like asmo/pheonix/runic/ebony/runestone. Maybe solve two problems at once by adding stacks of guardsmen insignias and other crafting mods to drop pools somewhere. These are just a few ideas but hopefully you can use them to come up with something to make fishing fun again. I stopped completely after finishing the main fishing quest so i’m still around level 110, it hasn’t seemed worth putting any time into after that. :smiling_face_with_tear:

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if ags says they have a handle on bots then it is time to bring back fishing rewards!
most anglers just wanted to cast in peace and catch something fantastic once in a while.

catching a fish gives a chance of having a quintessence, gypsum orb or elemental animal attached to it.

landing in a hot spot provides 2x chance for landing a fish with attachments to it.

treasure chests return to previous levels and add gear/gypsum/shards based on level.

NW_Bill NurehBlur PieceOfStick

Thank you everyone for the continued feedback. I’ll send over your suggestions to the development team regarding fishing rewards.

Thank you very much for engaging with us and listening/using our feedback. The game has gotten so much better in the last month thanks to everything you guys and the devs are doing now. :heart:

Everyone on the forums wants Aeternum to be the best it can be, and I thank you and the people on the forum for providing valuable feedback! :slight_smile:

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