Fishing Visual Bug

This isn’t game breaking, but this is a visual bug.

Hi, @wedeltv Welcome to the community! Can you provide us with more information as to the ability you are performing here along with the location?

I get this too, this is what you get as soon as you pull the fish from the water. It kindof sticks for a moment then goes away

As far as I can tell, it usually happened only after a couple of fishing attempts at the same spot. Like 4-5 times in a row, then those visual glitches started. Also the floating bit sometimes stays on the water after you reeled in the fish. Had 5-6 of them stuck on the surface of the water after a while.

There’s water randomly splashing on chest level while fishing and float stays in the water after pulling a fish

Does this happen every time a fish is pulled from the water? Does the visual bug last for about 1 or 2 seconds would you say?

Can you tell us which spot this is occurring or is there numerous spots? Screenshots with the location on the map may be useful also if you happen to have any!

I can confirm, this happened to me today as well. The animation only seemed to last about as long as it took to put the fish away, if that helps at all.

Not sure if it’s related, but the “bobber” was also staying out on the lake. It wasn’t every cast, but some of the time. So there would be multiple just sitting out on the water.

Okay I did some more testing around fishing, here’s what I found out so far:

  • the chance for the visual glitches seems to increase with the number of players around. When I was fishing away from people it rarely happened (like 1 in 4-5 attempts). With many people around it happened every time.

  • it happened in different locations, fresh water and ocean, with and without bait.

  • not 100% sure yet but it seems that when the float stays and is not reeled in, you will also get the water animation around the fish when pulling it out. Seems to be correlated.

  • the floats that glitch stay on the surface and will submerge when you walk over them, then resurface when you walk away. they stay even if you walk away a lot and come back, but after a teleport or relog they are gone.

  • the visual glitch (water ripples out of the water) are moving with the fish in hand after it’s pulled out and only last for the duration the fish is seen, so a couple of seconds.

Below some screenshots, don’t know how many I can upload, but I got a few :smiley:
If more information is needed, let me know @Pneuma

You have gone above and beyond already! Thank you so much for the detailed information and screenshots they are super helpful! I have passed this along to the devs. Thanks for sharing and for supporting New World!

That is actually very helpful bud, Much appreciated!

I’d also mention that as of this morning, the bobbers don’t seem to be disappearing after catches.