Five basic things we must all do

Quit this forum and all gaming and follow this guy’s advice. You won’t regret it.


I believe in 1:1 myself guys! Gotta check everything though!

You will regret it.

At the end of your life you will notice that your coffin has no pockets and you wasted your life chasing wealth and forgot to live.

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Well, - while still unfortunate - that’s certainly a less intimidating prospect than becoming regretful only half way through one‘s lifetime as resources start to run dry. Probably, some sort of balance is key :smile:

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Exactly. Stopping to game completely is not balance :smiley: Stopping to make a career also is not.

Why should I do that? Im pretty happy with my life where gaming is included. Gaming brings me joy, im pretty sure its a healthy thing to do what you enjoy :slight_smile:

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