Fix Arena rewards!

For the Love of GOD AGS, Fix the Arena rewards ASAP! you put in a new game mode and made it the least rewarding game mode in the game… Playing solo is pointless when you only get 100 exp for a loss. I just want to jump in, play a couple matches and log off but its literally not worth it at all! Who cares about salt? the rewards from the track are what we are here for and grinding salt is easy… 1500 exp for a win, 1000 exp for a loss and what ever salt we get currently just keep it… Idc about limits but think its dumb that the missions dont have limits and are the most rewarding way of getting exp but the BRAND NEW game mode of the ARENA patch is literally the worst way to level your rank is just dumb… Players are coming back to New world and doing the new content and seeing the old repetitive content is more rewarding… Also add a ruby gypsum for a win… Why be so damn stingy… PLEASEEEE!!!

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agree with you brother, we need better rewards

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Just seen the patch notes and still dont understand what is going through their heads… the repetitive “pretty much PVE” quests are still better then the headlining mode… WTF AGS! How can you add a game mode that everyone is excited for and make the old content more viable then it…

Yep. They were suppose to make the rewards more generous. They ended up making them worse. Now the latest patch only fixes their earlier mistake that made the rewards worse. Great job AGS!

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