Fix BB before 3v3!

If AGS hasn’t fixed the Blunderbuss problem, there is no point in trying to do 3v3 arenas, so as much as I am looking forward to them, I will be boycotting the new content until they fix the most broken weapon in the game.

3v3 Arenas will be nothing but the One Trick Pony Show, with everyone trying to one shot each other first.


Be specific. People want the weapon to be viable no matter how tilted you are.

Bb is pretty firmly countered by bow and fs in arena walking backwards and shooting them while they cant do anything but waste stam.

The blast shot combo needs to go, but the weapon has nothing without top tier single target damage. People thought it sucked until the cheese combo was found out.

It wont be fixed im sure

Musket is not viable in 3v3, neither is LS with the BB in the game.

What for? Don’t PvPers just flock to the latest meta?
Whatever gets “fixed”, something else will become meta and the source of complaints.

If you don’t like the PvP here, stop playing it. Don’t hold your breath for devs to fix anything the way you like it.

This situation will be like Dark Convergence in ESO. Stupidly overpowered and exploitable but they just let it go until people stop crying on the forums no matter whether their arguments are valid or not.
Because eventually people do get tired of asking for changes, then the devs get a free pass to do nothing.

And meanwhile, PvE is having a great time with every weapon. But hey, PvP is the greatest game mode ever, right?

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Got it. You want it to be removed.

Just quit maybe? Sounds like you want a game that isnt actively being developed.

Also, life staff not being viable in 3v3 arena? Sounds like youre not playing well and getting the crap beat out of you by good players with a weapon you dont understand.

The Blast Shot Combo is the One Trick Pony I was referring to…didn’t think there would be any confusion over it.

Haven’t played Arena yet, myself, so cannot comment on “counters”, but it seems to me that any BB user can just hug the pillar and One Shot anyone that peeks around.

Either that, or just wait until any opponent is engaged with one of his teammates and one shot that opponent down while he is busy.

Lol you’re high brother. You clearly have non skilled BB players you’re facing, who picked up the weapon cause they saw a YouTube video. In the hands of any war rostered skilled player it’s instadeath. In 3v3s your right, I’m living against a lot of SS BB players. That is until I ran into guys from my server on the PTR and it’s back to instadeath every time.

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No actually it sounds like im right and he was referring to only the blast shot being OP.

Youre the guy who says the entire weapon needs nerfing. That is just you and your personal skill.

Blast shot. Thats the problem. If you die outside of that you had plenty of cou terplay available.

I hate people with stupid logic like that.

We like PvP here, we don’t like uninteractive 1-shot SnS/Blunder combo. Nothing helps against it in the game currently(Purify, Freedom, Ruby gems, Resilient, 300 con), you still get 1-shot in 3 seconds.
Fix stupid animation canceling on BB so people wouldn’t just macro whole BB combo into 1 button. Tune down the dmg from Azoth Shrapnel Blast and we’re chilling.

Blocking is a decent counter

If everyone runs the oneshot can’t you just take hatchet and own them then?

Just take hatchet LOOOL So other weapons should just die?

BB is massively overtuned damage wise. It’s not an argument. Nerf the burst it’s disgustingly stupid.

SnS leaping strike also needs to be changed to a different form of CC. I keep proposing a root. This allows some counterplay and means you have to use some form of skill to land the follow up shield bash.

Well if everyone is taking BB then wouldn’t it make sense to take hatchet to counter it?

I’m not saying BB doesn’t need a nerf (it does) but there is a weapon in the game that owns it. So if everyone runs BB you jhave a hatchet secondary to counter it.

It’s same as healers running rapier to not die to Shower/GW you run it to not die to BB. I really dont see a problem with that.

Hatchet is a pretty bad weapon as it is. It’s odthat it counters the most oppressive combo

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