Fix bow hitbox or reduce firerate

(Bow only)
After the latest bow patch, the hitbox for a bow is Extreme large.!!! Even players who have the worst aim ever are now able to grab a bow and hit nearly every shot. If this is how you Think the bow should work, i Think reducing dmg bow does in form of firerate (not heavy into new heavy rate). But the fact you Can do a 3-4K heavy crit into instantly 5-7k pen shots into instantly 2-3k Prison shot are BROKEN AF. That is more than 10-12k dmg within 1 Second from first hit, And this is on even resilient geared Light/medium players… how Can this be balanced?? This needs a fix.!

Also maby start making a “Max” allowed number of each weapon type allowed in one OPR, since going in 1 healer or 1 bruiser when there is like 36 bow players is JUST NOT fun, so atm. Coz bow is broken, people are forced to play ranged, or assassin Builds otherwise they prolly dont have fun at all in OPR

(Not only for bow)
Could you try maby balance weapons to “war/arena/pve” so it does not scale/balance for all game modes at the same time??


Hi there Wooxu, thanks for giving your feedback on the bow. The Dev team are always tweaking weapons based on player feedback so I will make sure this gets sent up to them. Other players feedback would be useful as well so i’d love to see some replies. Take care!

If bow got the same hitbox as Firestaff (and maybe other ranged weapons) both should be nerfed to fit the actual hitbox :wink:


yea reduce hitbox and firerate and make it do more damage. we want og bow back. the skillful weapon

Bow was dead for 8 months and now is fine and actually playable.
You act like its that easy to hit shots.


Bow arrow projectile size is too big

Melee attacks have different lunge distancing (homing translation) depending if it’s a light or heavy attack

Bow should do the same with arrow projectile size, a light attack arrow should have a smaller projectile size than a heavy attack.

Reduce light attack projectile size by 30%
Reduce heavy attack projectile size by 10%

  • Enfeebling Poison arrow perk should apply weaken if enemy walks in Pcloud, not just direct hit
  • Poison arrow DoT should require direct hit for full duration, walking through poison cloud should be half duration at best
  • Knee shot should apply to hits from waist down, needs hitbox improvements

The bows rate of fire feels good and should remain as is for combat fluidness


So my arrow increses in size if I draw the bow longer? Doesn’t sound logical


To make it even better 1v1 good idea :slightly_smiling_face:

Yea a full charged heavy attack from bow would be max projectile size. (Whatever thats set at)

A quick pot shot light attack would have a smaller size because you can shoot much faster (rewarding good aim players as damage is unaffected)

But overall, the new hitbox size for projectiles is way too big, reduction is needed

Logical? This is a video game o.0


Can you make a video were you do 12k dmg in one sec?:slight_smile: thanks :slight_smile:

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Of course he can’t. People use hyperboles all the time.

I’m ok with them reducing the arrow hitbox. That’s the only thing they should do btw.

Increase the delay before you can shot pen shot as well

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I disagree on that. You could also do it before the patch btw, it was just trickier to do.

Yeah they should add some delay between using abilities. Its ridiculous how they can shoot a heavy and a penetrating together and then instantly shoot another poison shot.


Yea, but add the delay for all other weapons too :wink: especially firestaff


yeah why not. Other weapons cant use multiple abilities instantly anyway.

Fake. At the same time, you think that each shot = hitting the target. It is not true.

Oddly enough, but this is not a balance issue. Players who have now chosen a bow, they believe that after the changes, the bow does not require a skill. This is mistake. If you don’t have the skill you are a useless player.

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Most people only playing bow to be on top of scoreboards to look like they good players thats why you be seeing alot of bows. Maybe if they did something with the score damage numbers a bow player gets you might see less bow users

Thats one way to reduce bows in opr

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As a musket, I’m having fun farming the bad bow players. Now, the good ones, up close…absolutely can’t keep up with…which is fine.

Bow could use a small damage nerf (start with 5%-10% and see how it fairs) and maybe a slight increase to penshot cooldown.

Other than that, bow is in a fairly good place.

Do that and add a slight windup animation to leaping strike, fix desync and homing with hatchet, slightly decrease firing distance for musket, then I believe weapons are in a good spot.

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After thinking about it for a while, this is my opinion about the bow situation:

  1. Most if not all of the problem comes from lack of a role based matchmaking or any kind of matchmaking for that matter. they can’t have it now for sure because the number of players online on the server which opt-in for OPR with different roles is simply not enough and there is no cross-server game mode to fill that hole.

  2. As for the bow being unbalanced, i come to think that they made the wrong changes to overhaul bow gameplay. most of the problems with the bow are still there. (people mentioned those a lot in forum)

  3. Balancing the bow is hard now because if you carelessly nerf damage again, combined with lower fire-rate it becomes useless. hitbox has to be smaller, but not as small as it was before and if you nerf it big then bow will be useless again.

  4. So what should we do with the bow then, you have to carefully nerf some aspects while fixing other problems or in short buffing other aspects.


  • Slightly smaller hitbox for light and heavy shots.
  • Slightly reduced fire-rate.
  • Slightly reduced damage to light armor.


  • A rework of some abilities, passives and perks. ex: Grit on evadeshot, ability to cancel rapid shot and rain of arrow or simply remove the root, change or buff slow passives. (im sure you already have a list from feedback section)
  • Fix crosshair to be accurate or give the ability to equip the bow to right or left hand. (Some people suggested this might help with crosshair issues)
  • Slightly increased damage to heavy armor or effectiveness of armor penetration (armor reduction if you might).
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