Fix broken housing already

Its been 5 weeks ago since furnishing/housing was disabled…
3 Weeks ago it got enabled again with a rollback right after (we[EU] players got some free coins :partying_face: )
Since the rollback there are people including me with broken houses…
For my instance i bought 2 houses 4 weeks ago as i thought: hey it will be enabled soon anyway…
Well i was right but it went completly broken…
As you can see below in the screenshot: comepletly empty house, top right corner says 0/0 and i get errors while trying to place anything.
Fun fact, the house i bought right after release is still functioning without the 0/0 placed decorations bug

Im writing a ticket every week with the similar response on all of them: be patient the devs are working on it

Thanks to the 90% tax reduction i can take this as :man_shrugging: and be happy with fast travel option, but i want to use trophies and i need more storage space ASAP… im outsourcing my stuff to edengrove and great cleave already…

I want to use trophies in all 3 houses, im missing out on so many bonuses
I need more storage space
Extend the tax reduction until this stupid bug is fixed for everyone! (since i dont see them fix it this december sadly…)

Ability to sell houses too, I know I might want to move after mergers and I shouldn’t have to abandon and pay thousands again for new homes.

Sadly I have a feeling this will be another under thought change, do first worry about the fall out later by AGS.

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Got’cha. Add fixing trophies to your list of requests, cuz they be broken.

Wait, they STILL haven’t fixed the trophy issue?

whenever I fast travl to my Brightwood home or Ebonscale I fall through the floor of the house. In Brightw is not so bad, I can simply press L and leave the house, but Ebonscale I always fall down and end up near the pond near the fisherman at the entrance xD


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Why fix trophies when they added luck bonuses to flagging, seems to be the only thing they touch that works. hmmm…

That is honestly the most 5head response I think I’ve gotten. Genuinely mean that.

Makes more sense than 98% of their changes tbh.

Seeing how a new thread with compelling data to demonstrate that too much luck is still a thing, I’d say; Probably.

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Selling would be a great option
Even tho u only get like 75% of the price back. Accepteable loss to get a better house

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