Fix furnishing or we will leave

I’m sick and tired of logging on forums and not seeing a single post from a dev about furnishing being broken, trophies being broken, or any plans to fix those thing in the future

Furniture is broken:
The new schematics you get from imperial palace, delete forever if you try to salvage them

You can’t trade or sell furnishing decor, huge money loss for weeks now. I can’t put trophies up in my house or sell them either.


Every house is completely empty on my server. With most of those houses having over 100k in points. You get points for your house not by furnishing it, but by doing missions in town. Why even have a rating system for houses if furniture is useless?

The furnishing community is frustrated and getting bored having nothing to make or do in the furniture world of new world.

And the absolute lack of communication regarding the problems and bugs makes me feel like devs and new world makers themselves don’t enjoy furnisher and have no priority to fix it, even though it’s a huge part of the game.

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There’s not a single thing in there about furnishing schematics, trophies being broken, unable to sell or trade decor

Why did you post the update that is driving us all crazy because it doesn’t address any of our concerns?


latest info available on any updates.

Yea, I just made a post myself I made a storage box for my wife and had mats to make more for her two weeks ago almost she’s still stuck with crap one’s cause she’s not leveling furniture atm. I hate forced gameplay and at this point if you want bigger storage you are forced to level it.

I have also been searching for any response they are avoiding this topic as much as they are also avoiding the people getting autobanned for mass reports. but I digress.

My thoughts are just hold off leveling up furnishings atm. No info means no progress.

It is already too late. I spent a lot of time and effort getting mining trophy parts right as they disabled them. Now it doesn’t even matter if they reenable them as prices have dropped so much it isn’t even worth the time anymore.

They break things and wait too long to fix them. By the time they do implement fixes it no longer matters and all those impacted just get screwed. Unless there is some way for them to fairly rectify this, I jusy don’t see the point.

There is no more pvp because everyone left. There is no more economy because of broken stuff like this (which is one of many reasons why no one is left). Arcana being broken in a similar way for so long. They eventually fix it but by the time they do no one needs the gear anymore and they don’t do anything to make it up to the players screwed over by THEIR mistakes.

Minor patches and updates are not going to cut it at this point. But I don’t think they care. I think they are fine with having the 90% of players who they have screwed over at some point leave and plan on just getting by with the small number who stay. Maybe they will learn from this and do better on their next project.

Merging servers will help, but I think that will only be a short term fix. The underlying issues that caused everyone to leave need fixing.

The rating system can be resolved once and for all if AGS comes forward with the formula used to calculate the house points. Until that happens, lots of players are going to opt out from competing in the house system and even worse avoid houses altogether.
We need the exact formula to know what we’re competing against.

Who is this “we” you speak of? You speak only for yourself and yourself alone.

Yes furniture needs to be fixed. But if for one second you think I or others are going to leave the game in support of your baseless threat, think again.



Should have been fixed within 24h of the report.

They screwed us o furnishings and the wyven wolf over night it gone but pvp explotes like the musket and let running np they need to get the game working amd stop screwing the players

I agree they need to work on that. I was wondering how the housing points correlate with the furnishing (it doesn’t, which is weird). However, on my server, there is no issue with trophies that I’m aware of. working as intended except that found decoration objects can’t be dropped or salvaged. Maybe a specific server or client issue?

I understand your frustration, especially if you are into furnishing. Threats of leaving don’t help tho, it only promotes negativity which is unproductive and demotivating. Let’s all try to stay objective. The game is still a mess on many ends and a lot of work has to be done. They can’t fix everything at once but the last update wasn’t too bad at all. Patience :slight_smile:

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Hey there,
Just to note the exact formula for the housing score is your furniture decoration score plus the amount of standing exp earned during the two day window before they refresh. Not a fan myself, I hope they change it. A simple deco score times standing would be a simple solution.

That’s not the formula.
Here is my score and all the stats before reset. The score is after reset.

I’d be interested in the real formula.

I would agree, we need a dev to actually confirm the formula used in this system. I have personally seen my housing score go from over 100K to 7, yep, a total of 7, back up to over 115K, without changing a single piece of furniture. The only thing that did change was my playing. When I was at 100K, I had been doing some town board quests. Didn’t log for a couple of days, dropped to 7. Saw that, did a bunch more board quests, and at the next reset, I had over 115K. So, it seems that the territory standing gained in the 48 hour window is the driving factor. I know in Dev Blog #3, they did state:

“The territory standing component of the score is the standing a player has gained in the territory where the house is, since the last time the scores were calculated. If the score is calculated every two days, it would be the standing the player gained in the last two days on their house’s territory. The decoration score is calculated from the items placed within a player’s house.”

But it would be nice to get some real details. How are the two numbers actually related, and how is the final number calculated?


rating system means nothing. housing score is P2W since cash shop items count toward score.

It does seem to be almost entirely territory score. I have seen cases where the “displayed house” is just a few chests in the middle of the floor and some trophies.

Also the decoration score is rather opaque. Having too many of one thing causes negative rather than positive changes but it is unclear if it is item based or category based. You also get a negative if items touch, forcing you to space furniture out unrealistically, but some items seem to never give you the “green” placement option unless they are placed completely in the centre of an empty room. In other cases an item can be a one off and placed in a “green” spot in the house but still give you a large negative to your decoration score for no apparent reason. I have also regularly had situations where picking an item up and then placing it back in exactly the same spot completely changes your score.

I haven’t bought any bundle, yet i have 12 times more score then 2nd place which has all 3 bundles.
Shop bundles will help a bit, but it’s not better than T4 furniture already available in the game.
Players that think house rating is p2w, know nothing about how the game works. I gues it’s easier to slap a tag on something you don’t understand.

2 weeks now no Furnishing.
Not a single word by AGS.
Imagine having this poor communication and transparency. Its just sad.

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