Fix GA desync issues and tracking

Great Axe is in a terrible state.

  1. No other weapon desyncs as much as Great Axe. You literally rubberband after every reap. You rubberband after 1 out of 3 light attacks. No other weapon desyncs like this. 100% a GA issue.

  2. GA tracking was supposedly fixed from 1m to 3.5m as indicated in the updated patch notes. I’m pretty certain that current GA tracking is where it was early in PTR (1m distance) and not the updated PTR patch (3.5m distance). Fix this.

  3. Gravity doesn’t work at all. Yes you will see the root debuff when you pull someone but it actually doesnt do anything. 100% placebo. I’ve tested this and you can most defintely dodge roll or run away while having a “root” debuff icon.

Where does it say this in the January PTR patch notes?

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