Fix healer please

Please remove cast times and make it so that auto attacks doesn’t interrupt consumables like hp and mana pots because healer need to auto attack to reduce cooldowns. Please don’t destroy pve healers


Agree. This patch will kill off healers. I’ve already had multiple friends talk about quiting and some have.


  1. Reduced stamina regen
  2. Reduced dodge distance stealth nerfed it actually.
    3)Added a cast time to LE
    4)Increased melee honing

These all nerf healing if not by proxy. Its an awful feeling in PTR. Too many nerfs all at once and honestly they’re not even needed. The game feels slow now. Entirely different from how we’ve played it since the start. Its basically a new game.

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I think people will adapt a little but overall it will mean a lack of healers who can do mutations so the ones that can do it will get burned out so fast that eventually you will lack healers for PVE content (a lot of healers use heavy for mutations and LE which is easily interruptible)

And for PVP you only have 2 single target abilities and both are now long enough that you are easily cc’d or again interrupted, so a lot of healers will either not want to heal due to them dying more, or they will swap to AOE which means the DPS will suffer and die more, which will also lead to more players leaving the game.

I hate the change and i consider quitting more and more when i try the changes, but i have also been trying dps going for healers and it usually does require team work from my groups, and i know a lot of people want to solo healers but that defeates the purpose of healers. But yes they shouldnt be able to take on a group alone, though a good group will always be able to wreck anyone with their coordination. So i get the hate but its still a group game so people gotta learn

Game needs weapons for buffers and weapons for debuffers with curses, like anti-healing spells and stuff like that. And healers need more weapons and gear to choose from.


I recently made my heavy healer lazarus set +23 and now i can salvage that set after the updates. Why do they even change anything about PVE healing? Problem is PVP healing, why even consider looking at PVE healers?


No idea. I honestly think they made all these changes in order to balance whatever they thought arena was suppose to be. Thing is they didn’t think about PvErs at all, or wars, or anything else. Its also fact that during the 3v3 Devs vs Creators not once did a dev use a healer…Its clear they hate healers. One of the main devs plays you guessed it…Great Axe. We will never see the game we want because the devs base balance changes around the class they play and the view they see the game. Which sadly is just Great Axe meta till game dies.


Developers have forced all healers into light armor overnight. PvE healers need 300k+ umbrals to regear multiple wep perk + ward sets.

If they aren’t an established healer running M10’s in a static group and stocked up umbrals then they’re turbo screwed.

Healers will be forced to min-max numerous PvE gear sets for M10’s and any future M11’s or whatever. While all other classes are fine to run one generic full heavy armor set with no ward.
Changes single out healers for much more strict gear & build paths for M10’s+

Here is a public lobby questionnaire:

  • Are you 625 GS ?
  • Are you wearing 5 piece Focus Light armor with Wep perk and does it have
  • Corrupted / Angry Earth / Lost / Ancient / Beast ward ?
  • Is your skill tree full AoE heals ?
  • 300 FOC + 200 CON ? No ? Respec.

Developers have proven they will sledgehammer an entire niche build overnight.

With -30% healing output (to self and teammates), as well as the other numerous changes listed earlier (stamina, sitting duck cast times, huge buffs direct and indirect to DPS counters like Bow + Musket + Melee tracking)

Is light healer build going to get sledgehammered too? Will it be deemed too strong with a true +30% multiplier to healing? Will healers reroll another 300k umbral shards? 100k+ gold in gear?


I just cant wait for the cry out ingame chat for healers…


Well dps in nw wanna solo kill healers, which we all know shouldent be do able in any mmo game.

NW already killed solo play for healers with Amber Gem nerfs pre-launch patch.

I have to use wayback machine because post has been removed intentionally or unintentionally (May be private?) Further you go back the harder it is to find patch notes. (this link will not work)


  • Amber Gem - Reduced the damage scaling obtained from the Amber Gem (Nature) when putting attributes into Focus by 20% to make healer’s secondary weapon a bit less powerful in terms of raw damage output for focus builds.

Developer team gives lip service that they want to “buff solo play.” No reverts. No such thing as human error in AGS development team. Perfect developers.

Pristine Cut Amber, best healer weapon gem does not scale with focus anymore. Only Flawed Amber scales with focus. Developers have had feedback since launch about this issue.

If I run 495 Focus (max focus) and slot Cut Pristine Amber into my weapon, my weapon goes from 10 slash damage to 5 slash to 5 nature. Gain of +0 damage on the best gem.

If I run 495 Focus (max focus) and slot a Cut Flawed Amber, my weapon goes from 10 slash damage to 8 slash + 6 nature. I gained +4 damage from in total, with nature element. Worst gem outperforms best gem after scaling nerf.

I am a closed beta and open beta tester. If you couldn’t tell.

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Yep yet the devs listen to these people who don’t know how to stun or anything so now they nerf healers to the ground…then PTR comes to live and all healers quit or switch…Goodluck to NW after that.

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625 GS, 150 con. No ward for laz or gen because its easy but use one or two corruption ward pieces for tempest or dynasty.

Cant believe the nerfs tbh. Its like 17 nerfs they did to IG before they made it OP after a streamer complained about it.

Way too much, all at once.

Like someone said, make debuffs or anti heals and not ruin the only weapon option in its class.

Make VG scale more on focus than int or something that can provide a substantial solo heal i dont know.

Group healing is dead. To many players complained and not a single dev plays healer for real. They are making it so we die in PvP really easy. No chance they revert, sad. Gave up hope sadly. The day it hits live is the day i will be so sad, try one war as my current group healer role for my 5 man. But I fully expect to quit following that sadly. Loved this game, just no interest in being an AOE healer

Seems like one or two more final rounds of server mergers coming straight up. If this is the way changes are going to be made. People aren’t playing the game because it’s in a good state. People are playing the game as to buy AGS’s multiple studios time to make a comeback. But, alas.

One final hoorah for the big PvP shell companies in each region before the final servers in each region go offline for good.

Waiting for the synchronous maxed trading + crafting + refining taxes and all stations downgraded to Tier 1 on the final server.

Like the good old days with 300+ dead servers in NA and EU region.

Merges at this point is just a terrible idea honesty. Take wars away from even more players. Shells killed everything, so hey don’t seem like they will fix it though. Sad

PvP players played by the rules set forth by Amazon and defeated everyone including PvE players. Without ever engaging said PvE players in PvP combat.

The PvP scene will continue to cannibalize everything with RMT activities. Let the story of how people killed the golden goose be known.


Truth, left 2 different server killers to try and save servers with my 5 man. Sadly never could get enough skilled players who wanted balance with us.

its not that bad

been playing the ptr most healers can do pretty good unless i hit them with a cc combo and they aren’t in their sacred.

It’s really a shame they’re doing this. If the current healing implementation is too strong for arenas, why nerf healers for the whole game? Just make this crap active for 3v3 arena and leave my PvE build alone. The game is annoying enough to heal with the stupid way the game processes inputs and desync issues. Now it’s going to be even more annoying to heal a dungeon or solo heal myself. Or I could just find a game that respects the time its players have invested.

So you’re saying that in 3v3 healers are doing fine if, let me check this, we use our sacred on ourselves? I speak for a majority of healers when we speak of these changes it’s in terms of war. I never I repeat never will use a sacred on myself. If I need to use it on myself to survive after this patch then healer is dead.