Fix Melee tracking dear lord. #1 issue making the game feel silly and unpolished

I find melee to be especially frustrating

So I tend to go back to ranged

I just hate that there can be someone right in front of me and I can’t hit them. Just because the tracking on my melee weapon is pathetic. Melee auto attacks are the least satisfying thing to do in the game.

Fix this.

Make melee fun simply by increasing the tracking of standard attacks. ESPECIALLY if someone is showing you their back. Lunge should be epic if someone turns around and runs away from you.

I use rapier mostly but i’ve experienced this on hatchet and other weapons as well. Sometimes tracking doesn’t engage at all. Sometimes it engages and totally misses because the person pressed one input key.

Melee should have an advantage in Melee range without the need of CC skills. As it is right now Melee is forced to do damage during CC + ability windows ONLY because the ability to hit someone in melee range with a basic attack is ridiculously unreliable.

This should be the #1 priority for the game. This is basic combat and should not be left alone.

I want to enjoy Melee setups. As it is currently not running a ranged weapon is a huge throw due to the inability to hit people.


Do I understand this correctly, you want even more aim support/auto aim on melee weapons?

Personally, that aim support is one of the first things I would remove from the combat mechanics.


The tracking is not the problem. Is the hit register. You’ll be swinging your weapon in the face (or back) of your enemy but because it’s moving half of your hits won’t connect.

I use Void Blade, and the tracking/lunge of this weapon is huge (annoyingly huge for my taste, honestly), yet still misses most of the hits on moving targets.

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Some weapons do have poor tracking. But what still annoys to this day when playing ranged / mage is that oddity seeing the projectile just deflect like a bullet off superman’s chest or that it just completely goes through them like nothing happened.

If you did that, melee weapons would cease to exist. That tracking is the only reason at all melee can land a hit on a target once a cc or stagger is landed. Without that tracking, even at point blank range melee tends to whiff unless you are nose to nose with the opponent.

Tracking on the GA was overtuned in the beginning for sure, but the lunge/reach does have a necessary sweet spot.

In the worst of cases when it’s severely undertuned, melee causes a self root and the opponent can just back up slightly to avoid every attack, whilst ranged has no such problem.

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Sure do that just add the ability to hit while moving :slight_smile:

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You had the extra aim support on launch. It was broken so it got toned down.

Tracking and Homing are two of my biggest gripes with melee which has made it feel cheap and strays from the Action Combat nature of New World. Place a proper lunge on melee weapons that offers enough length to “walk” forward, but do not require players to find the “lock-on” sweet spot that makes melee feel like tab target trash.

It is was one component that made Great Axe absolutely unforgiving and unshakable in melee range, and it is perhaps one of the only issues most have with spear sticking onto you. And as others have rightfully said, fix the hit registration/desync on melee hits.


maybe instead of a lunge some of the weapons need an increase in hitbox length by a bit?

They need to do something is all I can say lol. I am in no way a fan of the awful sliding animation when using a heavy attack with the Warhammer and Great Axe, these two are huge eyesores that just need to get reworked. The heavies for Spear, Sword, Rapier, Void Blade, and Hatchet are fine since they plunge and properly lunge in accordance with how their animations are. These heavies utilize the end of the weapon while remaining fairly stationary/vulnerable without much movement/stick slapped on.

Lengthening hitbox might not be bad, but making melee light attacks trudge forward without an enemy-in-proximity caveat would make their usage so much better. Make missing with melee actually a thing, but give some freedom to start a combo without creating an obscene amount of distance between you and your target just because you weren’t within 3.14 meters and as a result your attacks don’t obnoxiously latch on to the poor soul on the other end of your blade.

Would like for them to address that and perhaps add different combo animations for those who want more spice.


Removing tracking and increasing lunge or weapon range is the way to go IMO

either way, there are issues with tracking atm, especially with Ice Pylons existance


Make every attack have greater range, but reduce auto-tracking lunge?

Is that what people are saying?

Greater range would just be a band-aid for the actual problem of hits just not registering on targets that they go through.

I regularly miss attacks against targets I’m right up against who are attacking me. They’re not dodging, or moving. They’re rooted, mid-attack animation, and my attacks don’t register.

It’s any “short” melee attack, such as the light attacks of Sword, Hatchet, and VG, or abilities like reverse stab and shield bash. From what I’ve seen the most egregious cases of these missing is against a target that is attack you.

If it’s someone running away you can at least assume you’re just not getting accurate feedback on where the server claims the person is or when they’re dodging. If you’re missing people as your weapon goes through them point blank while they’re in an attack animation, that’s a hitbox/hit registration issue.

I agree.

But at this point can we expect anything but a band-aid fix.

Devs I don’t want to trash talk you

However if you look at the track record of core combat fixes it is not good.

It kind of seems like we are just accepting (as a dev team) that Melee combat will always be like this.

I don’t see any statements on this at all anymore and it sort of kind of feels like a very important issue when you are playing the game.

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Bring stagger back.

I do not agree. I’d rather see more fluid movement than additional CC.

Well, that’s why the devs can’t make up their minds.

Some people want “fluid” floaty combat where people attack on the run like in tab target MMOs.

Others want a more grounded system like Dark Souls where timing and spacing matter.

The devs have given us something in between, which is why it’s a mess.

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This is especially a thing across all the stupid melee abilities, too. Your crosshair will be on an enemy fleeing, and your Reap will target someone closer a like a 45 degree angle. A good video here on the forums demonstrated how awful Leaping Strike is because it wants to target an Ice Pylon in closer proximity rather than the enemy you have your reticle on. It’s lousy game mechanics like that which makes melee underwhelming imo.


You are correct. There’s a lot of different ideas about what is best going forward.

I just want to be able to reliably hit someone directly in front of me with my basic attack.

I don’t think thats too much to ask.

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I think we agree that. I definitely don’t think it’s too much to ask, especially since it wasn’t such an issue in Alpha.

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