Fix musket at melee range please

Musket at melee range completely goes through players and misses 100% of the time. Reason: players at melee range clip through your gun. Since the bullet comes out from the tip of the gun it never registers the player in front of it.

This video is an exmaple. Pshero is probably the best musket player in the game. He spent hundreds of hours with musket rapier builds.

Pls fix……


Bumping to get some attention from devs as musket on melee range is broken.

But dude the video you link to shows it’s not a bug and not something that needs to be fixed. The projectile are leaving the actual barrel so you have to aim properly in close range to account for that or switch to melee weapon when the top of the gun go through players out the other side.

Considering how good musket is at long range right now, if you let somebody get that close to you, you SHOULD be losing. I hope the devs work on things that need to be fixed rather than this silliness.

Quality contribution.

Ignore people like this.

Yeah there are definitely some clipping issues with Bow and Musket, but musket gets it worse.

Musket main user here, is a real pain to an enemy get so close that actually you miss the shoot, it seems kinda like XCOM aiming, the closer you get, the more misses you make.

Not necessarly, some enemies like ghosts run towards you at light speed, if you use a musket for example without rapid fire or even with that, your are screwed and vulnerable, forcing you to switch to another weapon , and that takes time and stamina to evade.

If someone like that IRL aproaches and you got a pistol, chances are you gonna hit your target, the less distance, more chance to hit.

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It’s for realism.

In the real world, when a musket clips through someone enough that the barrel sticks out their back, the barrel passing through their body protects them completely from the bullet that shoots through it and they take no damage.

Working as intended, I’m sure.


Yeah most fps games have the bullet actually come from your head or center of the screen, this is also the reason why crosshairs arent accurate, really bad on bow too.

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When in melee range both the bow and musket should auto-track the way melee weapons do.

You can auto-track all you want but if the projectile leaves the muzzle of the barrel and the muzzle of the barrel is behind the enemy it doesn’t really do anything.

We need a standard melee attack that doesn’t require you to remove the weapon.

Even without a weapon melee damage is basically 0, like why bother having a kick or punch if barely dents the health of even a low level mob?

Smack them in the face with the stock, maybe even add a brief stun to that… something

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If I were fighting you in real life that wouldn’t happen because I would pull my arms back. If it was auto-tracking it wouldn’t miss (like melee).

I can step inside a sword swing too in a real fight, but you can’t do that here. In melee range it should be the same.


Main musket users as well.

Crosshairs for muskets are down right bad. You scope in at range and it covers your view of the target. On top of that your bullet does not hit center mass of your crosshairs like it should. As shown the travel path is not straight it’s to the left and down.

And while it is explained why you often miss close ranged it’s also bugged. Any one that use used a musket close range has seen a bullet while targeting center mass fly off at really odd angles like straight up in the air when your point down at a target.

That being said odds are we will get the blunder buss for mid to close range. Still the need to fix the bugs and quality of life stuff for muskets.

You ever play Xcom 2? Same deal in that game. You would have to see some meme on it to appreciate it.

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